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By Vendulka - November 27, 2022

Advent time... The magic of Christmas time. 

Crochet gingerbread house ornament

Crochet gingerbread house by VendulkaM

Crochet Christmas ornament

However, for many people, this is the season of the hustle and bustle and the hunt for Christmas presents, in which we often want to atone for not having enough time for our loved ones all year. Or perhaps they ponder the sincerity of feelings, love, and the true value of friendship and family. And maybe they're even sad because their relationships and lives aren't what they'd expected. I am sorry, that it sounds harsh, but it is true, right? All these feelings are inside me too. But do you know what? Every one of us could change it. This year, I am intensively working on it. I am trying to change my mindset, heal my old wounds, and rewrite my unhealthy patterns. If anybody needs to read it today: I know it's hard, and it seems impossible. But that doesn't mean you give up. Remember, every little step counts. Keep going and be kind to yourself. 

I know this is not a common Christmas post :-). Don't get me wrong. I love Christmas. I have always loved this magical time. I always tried to make it magical, even though it was really hard sometimes. And at the end of all those hectic days, to make everyone happy, my reward was this... Lying on the ground with her, listening to her heartbeat and feeling her warmth. I miss my darling honey little girl so much, especially these days. So there I am in my thoughts. With her. 

Sunny - my love

In some of my latest posts, I wrote, that I would like to finish some of my frogged projects and patterns. Well, I am on the way.... but it is another story. Don´t miss my next post. :-)

Today, my dears, I only would like to wish you a wonderful advent time. I wish you with the first burning candle, that you feel peace, and a little bit of Christmas magic. And if you would like to wish to crochet some Christmas house ornament, the pattern is alive :-).


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