Seven weeks

By Vendulka - November 05, 2022

So my dears, 

seven weeks only and it is here - the Christmas. I was going through my creations and realized that I have plenty of designs to embellish and enjoy this magical time. But do you know? It is still not enough :-)

Several years ago I frogged some of my Christmas projects. I guess, it is time to bite that sour apple, as my mother-in-law says :-), and finish them. So my goal is to finish one of them every week. What do you think, will I fulfill my goal successfully? To tell you the truth, I am really looking forward to doing it. This would be a challenge. :-)

Meanwhile, you can remember my older Christmas designs. 

For some of them, I wrote the pattern, which you will find on my Etsy pattern store 

Some of them are free patterns

And some of them are waiting to be written down :-)

crochet christmas decoration

crochet christmas tree

chrochet toy

crochet angel

crochet amigurumi pear

crochet apple

crochet placemats pattern

little angel

christmas crochet bells

crochet tree

crochet owl

Crochet reindeer - christmas decoration

crochet owls

crochet bird

Christmas ornaments

Crochet christmas tree

Crochet moose


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