By Vendulka - February 06, 2022

Hi, my dears,

today, it is a day. I opened my blog and had the need to write something. Not just something! But my first post of this year, yes. 

Every year I set a word for a new year. I was really thinking about my word for this year and I got it finally. And that word is BRAVERY.

In my first post of every year, I had the tendency to write about last year, just to make a little closing of last year. This year, I will make the change. I would like to not write about the past but about the future. Because I feel, that I need to change my mindset. 

I don´t want to write about what I would like to, but what I want and I will do all my best to fulfill it. And I know that I need to be brave. All of my life I am trying to please someone, to fulfill someone's expectations and I think, that now it is time to begin to listen to my own inner voice and fulfill my needs. The time has come... 

So my dears, what is your word for this year? I am really excited to read it in the comments. 

Little prince - amigurumi by vendulkam

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  1. My word for this year is content. Meaning my inner content - I plan to read as many books as I can.


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