You need a hug!

By Vendulka - May 06, 2024

Hi, my dears,

the hug. Sometimes the hug is the only thing you really need. Did you know it? 

This sloth knows it very well too. 

Did you know why sloths are so slow? What do they have in common with avocados, and that they are great swimmers?  For the curious ones like me... read this article  TOP 10 incredible facts about sloths written by The Sloth Conservation Foundation. 

Sometimes I feel that I am slowly the same as a sloth. 17 months! This is how long it took me to publish a new pattern. Instead of being angry at myself, that it took me so long, I am happy, that I finally finished it. Do you know that for all this time I was just one little step closer to finishing it? I am delighted, that I broke my designer/publisher block. I am as happy as this sloth. Thank you very much for still being with me. ♥

Crochet sloth by Vendulka Maderska

Would you like to crochet this friendly little hugger? 
Buy the pattern from my Etsy pattern store HERE
Use the sale code: HugTime to get 20% off your entire order. This sale code is valid until the end of May. Let's spread some hugs and love to the spring fresh air with me. ♥


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