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By Vendulka - October 28, 2022

Hi, my dears,

how are you? Are any of your favorite projects on your hooks? I have some. This time I used Denim washed yarn by Yarnart, it is very similar to Stone washed by Scheepjes. I crocheted using both of them, and I see no differences between them.

Do you recognize them? :-)

Crochet pattern - Sweet owl

Crochet pumpkin

OK, I will help you a little bit. Stone washed by Schepjes I used by crocheting my Sweet owl and Denim washed by Yarnart I used by crocheting my Patchwork pumpkin. Jump to the patterns by clicking on links, if you wish. :-)

Do you know these yarns? And do you love to work with them? Anyway, I am going to test some of the patterns I never shared and I am looking forward to doing it :-) Little by little - stitch by stitch. I am really trying to work on improving my personal skills like bringing things to the end and setting realistic goals. I don't want to wait until New Year's Eve to settle some new resolution. I would wish to be proud of myself, that I have already made a progress. :-)

So wish me a bit of luck, my dears. Oh, and write if you have anything to say. Maybe some interesting tips that have helped you :-)

I'll be looking forward to it! 

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