Second candle

By Vendulka - December 05, 2021

Hi, my dears,
The second candle is burning, so this means the second gift from me to you. Last week, I sent about 200 gift messages, so it took me all week. But I hope, all who wrote me, found the pattern of Christmas bootie in their mailboxes.

Two candled burning

So my dears, same condition as last time, but another pattern :-) This time - Frankie, Christmas reindeer :-) Do you like my choice? 

Crochet reindeer

If you would like to have this pattern for free, please write me your e-mail to my e-mail Check please, if your e-mail is written right. Everyone who will write me until/during Monday 6th December will get the pattern of this super cute Frankie, the Christmas reindeer. There is no other condition :-)

Happy Advent time,
Vendulka ♥

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1 komentářů

  1. Wauw! He is so cute!!! And you gave it till my birthday. Sad I didn't see your post earlier. I think you brought a lot of joy to a lot of people. Love your work. I still make a lot of owls now and then. I wish you a beatifull christmas <3

    Lots of love,


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