The sugar skull - free crochet pattern

By Vendulka - October 16, 2018

Hi, my dears,
how are you? I am on the creative wave and well, I have a new free pattern for you. And this time, it will be the sugar skull. I designed my first my sugar skull in 2013.

And I always knew that I would like to write a free pattern for you. After 5 years, here we go. So if you are in the right mood, take the yarn and the hook and make one or two for yourself :-)

Sugar skull 

Design by Vendula Maderska
October 2013 - pattern written October 2018 :-)

What do you need:

• fine yarn/ sport/ 5 ply/ 12 wpi/ calls for 3 mm hook
• hook 3 mm
• scissors, common sewing needle and threads and the tapestry needle
• the mix of embellishment: beads and spangles,
• 2 buttons average 6 and 8 mm

I used this yarn:
100% mercerized cotton Catania Solids by Schachenmayr SMC
Yarn weight: Sport / 5 ply (12 wpi), Yardage: 136 yards (124 meters), Unit weight: 50 grams (1.76 ounces), Gauge: 26.0 sts = 4 inches – using one thread. You can buy the yarn HERE

I used these colors: 6 g of the little bubblegum pink number 225, 4 g of light blue 376, the small amount of 110 black and 116 purple. 

Hook: 3 mm

The measurement of the finished sugar skull: 
The finished applique is 8 cm tall and 6 cm width in the widest point. Please remember, that the size of the finished project depends on the used material and your own style of crocheting. 

Needed skills: easy

Abbreviations used – US terminology:
Chain (CH)
Slip stitch (SlSt)
Single crochet (SC)
Treble crochet (TC)
Increasing (inc): crochet 2 stitches in one stitch
Decreasing (dec) crochet 2 stitches together
[ ] ...x times = repeat instructions in in brackets ... times
( ) = the number of the stitches at the end of the row/round

This pattern is written in the English language, in US terminology. 
If you will need the assistance feel free and write at



Use bubble gum pink yarn, hook 3 mm and two threads and crochet continuously in spiral circle rounds – it means that you will NOT join the rounds and you will not turn the work at the end of the round.

Round 1: CH 2, 7 SC in the second stitch from the hook (7 SC)

 Round 2: inc in each stitch around (14 SC)

Round 3: [1 SC in next stitch, inc] – repeat it 7 times totally (21 SC)

Round 4: [2 SC in next stitch, inc] – repeat it 7 times in total (28 SC)

Round 5: [3 SC in next stitch, inc] – repeat it 6 times in total, 1 SC in next 4 stitches  (34 SC)

Row 6: CH 3 as a first stitch, 1 TR in next 5 stitches, end the work. Neaten free threads.


Use black yarn, hook 3 mm and one thread of yarn

Beginning: CH 6, join the first stitch with 1 SlSt.
Round 1: [CH 4, 1 SlSt in the middle of the ring] - repeat 7 times in total, end the work.


Use light blue yarn, hook 3 mm and two threads and crochet in flat rows.
Beginning: CH 6, CH 1 for turning the work, turn
Row 1 -2: 1 SC in each stitch from previous row (5 SC), CH 1 for turning the work, turn

Row 3: dec, 1 SC in next stitch, dec (3 SC), CH 1 for turning the work, turn 
Row 4: 1 SC in each stitch from previous row (3 SC), CH 1 for turning the work, turn

Row 5: CH 4, turn the work, insert a hook in the second stitch from the hook and crochet 1 SC in next 3 CH, 3 SC in next 3 SC, continue CH 4,  insert a hook in the second stitch from the hook and crochet 1 SC in next 3 CH 1, 1 SlSt in the row 1, end the work. Neaten free threads.


Sew the eyes on the head, add the buttons, beads. Use tapestry needles and black yarn embellish the nose and mouth. Embellish the hat, use beads and spangles and make your sugra skull unique. Sew the had and head together. 

And your Sugar Skull is finished :-) Congratulation!

Enjoy the creating, my dears ♥

If you would like to wear this applique like a brooch, just easily sew a little piece of felt to the wrong side and add the pin :-)

P.S. When I was creating this one, I was thinking about my father, who passed away exactly a half year ago. So this one is for you, dad. I am so sorry, you can't hear her playing the piano. She is much better than I was. You would be so proud of her, maybe. Just if you stay here a little bit longer, just if I tell you, that someone worthy of it. It is so sad, you didn't take care and didn't know it alone. But you made me speechless and I just didn't say it. So absurd conversation we had. I should say it! Maybe it would change something. I am so sorry. 

If you would like to say something important to your closest, my dears, just say it! Because someday, it simply could be too late and all these unsaid words could be haunting you...

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