Little Octopus Annie - Free crochet pattern

By Vendulka - July 30, 2018

Hi, my dears, 
how is your summer? Well, I saw some pictures of the Autumn crochet projects on the socials media - oh! Well, to tell you the truth, I was thinking about the autumn projects too, but then I realized:

 "Hey girl, it is still S U M M E R ! Calm down and don't panic! " :-D

So, I created this sweet little Octopus Annie :-)

Do you like it?

And do you know what? 
And because I love summer and I love you,
 - this is my freebie for you ♥

So if you are in the right mood, take a hook and yarn and make some nice cutie for you too :-)

Little octopus 

Design by Vendula Maderska

What do you need:

• fine yarn/ sport/ 5 ply/ 12 wpi/ calls for 3 mm hook
• hook 3 mm
• scissors, common sewing needle and threads and the tapestry needle
• a little amount of toy filling
• one pair of safety eyes or sew-on wiggle/google eyes average 10 mm
• 2 buttons average 6 mm
I used this yarn:
100% mercerized cotton Catania Solids by Schachenmayr SMC
Yarn weight: Sport / 5 ply (12 wpi), Yardage: 136 yards (124 meters), Unit weight: 50 grams (1.76 ounces)
Gauge: 26.0 sts = 4 inches – using one thread

I used these colors:
Dark blue number 164 about 20 g, the little amount of pink number 225, light blue number 173 and sand number 404.

Hook: 3 mm
You can buy the yarn here:

Measurement of the finished octopus: 

The finished octopus is 7 cm height (without tentacles) and 6 cm width in the widest point. Please remember, that the size of the finished project depends on the used material and your own style of crocheting. 

Needed skills: easy/ intermediate

Abbreviations used – US terminology:
Chain (CH)
Slip stitch (SlSt)
Single crochet (SC)
Double crochet (DC)
Increasing (inc): crochet 2 stitches in one stitch
Decreasing (dec) crochet 2 stitches together
Front post single crochet (FpSC)
BLO – crochet in back loops only
[ ] ...x times = repeat instructions in in brackets ... times
( ) = the number of the stitches at the end of the row/round

This pattern is written in the English language, in US terminology. If you will need the assistance feel free and write at


Little octopus Annie


Use dark blue yarn, hook 3 mm and crochet continuously in spiral circle rounds – it means that you will NOT join the rounds and you will not turn the work at the end of the round.

Round 1: CH 2, 7 SC in the second stitch from the hook (7 SC)

Round 2: inc in each stitch around (14 SC)

Round 3: [1 SC in next stitch, inc] – repeat it 7 times totally (21 SC)

Round 4: [1 SC in next 2 stitches, inc] - repeat it 7 times totally (28 SC)

Round 5 -12: 1 SC in every stitch from previous round (28 SC)

Round 13: [dec, 1 SC in next 2 stitches] - repeat it 7 times in total (21 SC)

Tip: if you will use the safety eyes, insert the eyes in this round.

Round 14 - 16: 1 SC in each stitch from previous round (21 SC). Begin with the filling of the octopus with the toy filling.

Round 17: 1 SC in each stitch from previous round, but crochet in back loops only (21 SC)

Round 18: [dec, 1 SC in next 1 stitch] - repeat it 7 times in total (14 SC)

Round 19: [dec] - repeat it 7 times in total (7 SC), end the work. Let longer thread for sewing. Sew the rest of the stitches, use the tapestry needle. Neaten free thread.

Insert a hook in round 16 and crochet 1 FpSC in each stitch around. Join first stitch with 1 SlSt. CH 1 as a helper, [skip one stitch, 7 DC in next stitch, skip one stitch, 1 SlSt in next stitch] – repeat 5 times in total, end the work. Neaten free threads.


Make 8 different tentacles in these colors: dark blue, pink, light brown and light blue.

Row 1: make CH 23

Row 2: insert a hook in the second stitch from the hook and make 1 SlSt, then make 1 SlSt in every stitch from the previous row, end the work (22 SlSt). Tie up the tentacles in the middle part under the scallops.

Sew the google eyes on the body of the octopus in round 13. My google eyes were 10 mm on average. Then sew two pink buttons under the eyes as the cheeks. If you will use the safety eyes, don't forget to add them during crocheting of the head-body in round 13. If you would like to make a hanger of your octopus, then make a little loop on the upper part. Use dark blue yarn, one thread, hook 3 mm. Insert a hook in the top of the head in round 1 and make CH 3, 1 SlSt in top of the head again. End the work. Pull free threads using your hook inside the body. Then use some string and make a hanger :-)

So are you ready to take her to the Beach with you? :-)

If you like this pattern, share the link and spread the loooooove :-)

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  Happy crocheting 


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  1. Thank you so much for this pattern. The little octopus is adorable. I love this summer weather. Hopefully it will stay summer for a long lime before autumn is coming.

    Have a great day, Margaret

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