♥ Colorful and happy year 2014 ♥

January 01, 2014

My dears,
thank you very much for all of your support this year. I am very glad you like my work. Your comments, messages and nice words always warm my heart. You are amazing! I wish you to have nice and colorful New year! I wish you all worries will flight from you soon. I wish you to spent many joyful moments with your closest people. And I hope, that we will meet together in next year again, with the hook or needles in our hands and will make something nice, what brights our days. 
Heartily yours,


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4 komentářů

  1. Happy New Year.
    I love to see your work again in 2014 :D

  2. Very happy new year!! Half an hour ago, I looked at your Etsy-page, but couldn't deside which pattern I'm going to order, this one or this?!?! I want them all, need some more time to deside. :-)

  3. С новым годом!!!Счастья!Успехов!И исполнения желаний!


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