Today morning :-)

By Vendulka - December 30, 2013

Today morning ... wonderful and warm sunny day outsite..

Warm tee in my new mug ..

Rainbow sweater

Some unfinished projects on my table :-)



And my HUGE THANKS for your support ... because I can not overlook the numbers of likes on my facebook profile last days, which exceeded 35 thousand people  - and WOW!!!! :-) I can not still belive in it - but I am honoured, fascinated and very happy girl because of you. I am so glad you like my work. Thank you very much 

Colorful crochet

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4 komentářů

  1. I LOVE your projects and your mug is tooo cool... wish I would find one like yours

    1. Oh, thank you :-) And I am happy you like my new mug well - this was a gift. So I don't know, where you could buy it, I am sorry. But - the brand of this mug is Queens, bought in UK. Maybe it will be helpful for you :-)

  2. This is a big thank you)! Your work inspire and elevate mood for new achievements. Every day I enjoy their brightness and performance))) Your magic attraction - works) Happy you! New ideas, endless strength, good health and of course love to work and people and people)))))!

  3. You have provided some much needed colour throughout 2013, and I look forward to following your creative journey in 2014. Best wishes for the new year x


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