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By Vendulka - January 16, 2014

Hi my dears,
how are you?
I am busy like bee.. I finisehd many projects, but had no time to take the pictures and share it and write the patterns at this moment. Well - and why? Because my honey girl had wedding - you know - dog's wedding LOL. I never had any experience with dog's wedding before, and didn't know, that there is a lot of work around it. I was quite nervous, but she and her bridegroom were amazing and all was done :-) And now it is all on the nature. I hope, that everything will goes right, my honey lady will be healthly mommy, hope that puppies will be health too. Oooooh, I am looking for seeing our puppies soooo much :-) !

I hope, I will finally have a little time to take some pictures of my new designs during weekend. Today we are going with Natalka on the Registration to the school :-) Oh - what a colorful life :-) 

Have nice days!

Wedding's picture of my honey lady Sunny and her handsome bridegroom Azizi

Sunny and Azizi - wedding's picture

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5 komentářů

  1. Good luck! You'll be a granny soon ;-) ...!
    Love from Mirjam.

  2. Krásné!!! Držím palce :) I malé Natálce u zápisu :)

  3. Great couple, must by handsome puppies :)
    Good luck !

  4. Thank you very much, girls :-) It is confirmed by sonography - there are 6 maybe 8 small puppies in her tummy. In the middle of the March is the term of the birth.... :-)


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