Nathaly - the sleeping owl :-)

January 24, 2014

ssst - don't disturb please, she is sleeping :-)

Crochet sleeping owl ornament

This is my first design in 2014. OK, I must confess that I skiped some unfinished projects :-) I made this little sleeping owl ornament for my Natalka. As I wrote in some my older post, she likes yellow color and owls. And the result is - yellow owl :-). I like this new owl so much, that I used this design for my new rubber stamp :-)

Crochet sleeping owl ornament

Well, I made the pink one too, as a gift for friend of mine Josie :-) Josie is an amazing girl. She was born in same day (different year) as my beloved grandmother, of who I have already spoken about in past. And I really feel big understanding between us. I am so thankful for this friendship. Josie is so nice to me and she is testing my patterns - and whatelse to say? She is my hero :-)

Crochet sleeping owl ornament

I am pretty sure, that you will see this sleeeping owl on my other finished from unfinished projects... :-)

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14 komentářů

  1. He is very cute, your sleeping owl!
    Nice job!


  2. again super cute!. You're a very talented woman ;)

  3. so cute. will there be a pattern to get?

  4. Hi my dear girls, thank you very much for your nice comments :-) I am glad you like my Sleeping Beauty :-)
    To the pattern - well yes :-) It will be soon..

  5. So Cute!
    -x- Danielle

  6. Wauw! Love your'e blog, and definitely love this cute owl!
    Sleep well :) !

  7. Love, love, love this sleepy little owlet!


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