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By Vendulka - January 05, 2014

Well my dears, how are you in new year? Do you have some special goals for this year? In past I didn't tell to myself any goals but this time, I have three! Well, I am really curious, if I will be succesful a little bit. When I thinking about it more closely - the goal is really strong word - it is more like - the wish :-)
If I skip my biggest wish, which is the health for all of my family - what is completely in God's hands from my point of view - my first personal wish is: 

my life

And what about you and your wishes? :-)  

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4 komentářů

  1. My next goal is to crochet four pillow covers for a daughter at her request. They are building a new home and she's asking for the covers in certain designs and colors plus nice to have them made by me :)

    1. Hi Sandra, oh, it looks like a pretty a lot of work infront of you! But the crocheted pillows are so nice:-) I wish you obedient hook :-)

  2. Eerst en vooral wens ik jou een schitterend 2014! Mijn wens is niets meer wensen en het gewoon doen :-) Groetjes, Tinne

    1. Hi Tinne, yes - this is really good wish:-) I never gave to me some goal before, but this time I fell, like I have to make some little changes inside myself.... Send you many greetings :-)


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