Monday, January 27, 2014

Lovers ..

I belong to you and you belong to me too,
you make my life complete, you make me feel so sweet ...

Here you could find the pattern :-)

Friday, January 24, 2014

Nathaly - the sleeping owl :-)

ssst - don't disturb please, she is sleeping :-)

Crochet sleeping owl ornament

This is my first design in 2014. OK, I must confess that I skiped some unfinished projects :-) I made this little sleeping owl ornament for my Natalka. As I wrote in some my older post, she likes yellow color and owls. And the result is - yellow owl :-). I like this new owl so much, that I used this design for my new rubber stamp :-)

Crochet sleeping owl ornament

Well, I made the pink one too, as a gift for friend of mine Josie :-) Josie is an amazing girl. She was born in same day (different year) as my beloved grandmother, of who I have already spoken about in past. And I really feel big understanding between us. I am so thankful for this friendship. Josie is so nice to me and she is testing my patterns - and whatelse to say? She is my hero :-)

Crochet sleeping owl ornament

I am pretty sure, that you will see this sleeeping owl on my other finished from unfinished projects... :-)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I promised to take some pictures of my latest designs :-) Well - first of my finished from unfinished projects waiting for me from last year was the Birthday gift for my goddaughter. My goddaughter will celebrate her 6 Birthday soon. She wished the hat with puppy applique, so I made one for her and I made for her puppy pendant also. Now I am ready for the Birthday party :-) I hope, she will like it. 

Crochet puppy pendant

Crochet puppy pendant

Here you could find the pattern 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Small walk

Yesterday walk with the girls at the mountains.... It is really strange warm winter. There was only tiny frozen, no snow. We spent very nice time there together. I made some pictures of the countryside :-) Have a nice weekend !

Beskydy mountains

 Some stone markers  

Beskydy mountains

Beskydy mountains

Beskydy mountains

Beskydy mountains

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Just hi :-)

Hi my dears,
how are you?
I am busy like bee.. I finisehd many projects, but had no time to take the pictures and share it and write the patterns at this moment. Well - and why? Because my honey girl had wedding - you know - dog's wedding LOL. I never had any experience with dog's wedding before, and didn't know, that there is a lot of work around it. I was quite nervous, but she and her bridegroom were amazing and all was done :-) And now it is all on the nature. I hope, that everything will goes right, my honey lady will be healthly mommy, hope that puppies will be health too. Oooooh, I am looking for seeing our puppies soooo much :-) !

I hope, I will finally have a little time to take some pictures of my new designs during weekend. Today we are going with Natalka on the Registration to the school :-) Oh - what a colorful life :-) 

Have nice days!

Wedding's picture of my honey lady Sunny and her handsome bridegroom Azizi

Sunny and Azizi - wedding's picture

Monday, January 6, 2014

Thank you :-)

My dears, 
more than 50 000 fans on my facebook fan page? It's just like a dream... Thank you very much for you support :-) 

And because you are asking very often... I have a good news for you. Here you have the Designs discount cupon codes for buying the patterns in my patterns shop . If you would like to use the discount, just put this text in the column of discount codes by finishing of your order:


the 10% discount for buying 3 patterns 



the 12% discount for buying 5 patterns 



the 15% discount for buying 7 patterns

Small looking back on my 2013

Mad about the owls :-)

Crochet owl

Crochet owl

Crochet owl

and I am pretty sure, that the another one different is almost created 
- but ssssst - this is a secret :-)

I wish you nice start to new week :-)

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Wish you nice Sunday!

Well my dears, how are you in new year? Do you have some special goals for this year? In past I didn't tell to myself any goals but this time, I have three! Well, I am really curious, if I will be succesful a little bit. When I thinking about it more closely - the goal is really strong word - it is more like - the wish :-)
If I skip my biggest wish, which is the health for all of my family - what is completely in God's hands from my point of view - my first personal wish is: 

my life

And what about you and your wishes? :-)  

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

♥ Colorful and happy year 2014 ♥

My dears,
thank you very much for all of your support this year. I am very glad you like my work. Your comments, messages and nice words always warm my heart. You are amazing! I wish you to have nice and colorful New year! I wish you all worries will flight from you soon. I wish you to spent many joyful moments with your closest people. And I hope, that we will meet together in next year again, with the hook or needles in our hands and will make something nice, what brights our days. 
Heartily yours,


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