Spooky season in the air

By Vendulka - October 16, 2022

Hi, my dears,
are you feeling the spooky season in the air as much as I am?

I like that.
The smell of an Autumn morning.
The sun woke up between the clouds.
Pumpkins everywhere.
That feeling of All Hallows' Eve coming up.
The candles burning in the dark, the memories of the light of the souls of those who live beyond the rainbow bridge.
My magical forest, colored with all its colors.
My sad little hook that hasn't made a new creation with me in months.
So I broke the circle, picked a hook up, and created something ...

My Haunted house, every year I make a new one and every piece is unique ♥

Crochet haunted house with pumpkin

Crochet pumpkin embellished with beads

♥ ♥ 

Click here or there, but end at www.vendulkam.etsy.com for the patterns :-)

Be spooky :) XOXO

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