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By Vendulka - October 30, 2022


Knitted pumpkin decoration

I sent the colorful pumpkin greetings for all fall lovers  

These funny pumpkins are super easy to make. Are you curious how? 

So here is a quick tutorial
  • Take needles and some scrap of yarn and make just a purl stitch on both sides. You get the rectangle, (the size is totally up to you). 
  • Then sew the last and first row together, sew the lower hole, fill it with fiberfill and then sew the upper hole.
  • And now, my very favorite recommendation, which you know from my patterns very well: "Shape it nicely" 
  • Then a hook comes to the scene! Make a stem - using CHain string and 1 SlSt in every stitch from the first row. And then make some leaves (spiralsú using a CHain string with 1SC across in the next row. Shape it nicely and sew them to the pumpkin. And that's it. 
Make different sizes, use different colors and different yarns, just make some fun, my dears.

Enjoy the fall    


Knitted pumpkin decoration

Knitted pumpkin decoration

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