Wonder over Worry

By Vendulka - September 30, 2022

Hello, my dears,

it's Friday night and I'm trying to focus on family life. But to be honest, my family life is far from what it used to be and what I dreamed of most in the past. I know it's been a while since I've written any letters, and I know this isn't the obvious beginning of a post I've written in the past. But to tell you the truth, this past year hasn't been the worst for me, but it has definitely been different and really hard. And these days, I'm reading more than writing, listening more than talking, living my own little story in my head, trying to figure out what my path is, what's right or wrong.

And in the meantime, I read books. And there's ONE that's different than the rest. I often have to stop while I'm reading because my heart feels like it's going to skip a beat and all my senses inside me are screaming that these words hit it.

The whole book is about setting or changing your mindset, setting healthy boundaries, and building healthy relationships, but first with yourself... It's about not worrying about something all over the time, but being real and genuine. And that's something that was and still is very difficult for me, especially in the relationships with my closest ones. When I was in my magic forest, I was thinking about that book when I took this photo. I thought - who had the courage to bite into that amanita :-)  And I was thinking about my first post of this year (almost the only one :-), and it was about the word for this year. Do you remember? That word was the B R A V E R Y.

mushroom in the grass

That book is named: Choose Wonder Over Worry by Amber Rae

I was going to share some of this book with you, but towards the end, it looked like I was going to rewrite the whole piece :-). And I totally agree with one review I read that said "... This is the only book you should read, even if you don't usually read these kinds of books". So I wholeheartedly recommend that you read it because it is worth it and because:

happy quote

One of mine is to go to my magic forest ♥.

Would you like to share with me some of yours?

> > >  ♥ < < <

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