Who makes hoooooo?:-)

May 22, 2013

As I wrote in some of my last post I designed new owl :-) My new owls are fat and funny and scrapbook and colorful and ready to make you happy ... I am really enjoying to making them :-) You could make pendant, key chain or just decoration and you could have your own owl still with you :-)

The pattern of this sweet hanging decoration is already ready - here  :-)

They look so calm and clever. They look at you as they know, what you are! :-)
I admire to observe them :-)

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14 komentářů

  1. YOU make my day, with these wonderful owls ♥
    i recently become a follower ( with another picture )(180e)

    hugs Jenneke

    1. Hi Jennneke, thank you very much for your nice comment :-) Have a nice day :-)

  2. Owwww I love them! They sure make a cold day a very happy day!!!! You are an inspiration!!!!

    Greetings from Moos from Amsterdam - The Netherlands :-)

  3. I love this one,what a funny owl!

  4. I love it, already bought the pattern, so much fun to make this cute bird :-).

    1. Oh Femke, thank you! I hope you will shae the pictures of finished owl with me :-)

  5. Hello Vendulka. I love all of your creation. It give me a huge inspiration.

    Best wishes from me, in Indonesia.

  6. These Owls are so Adorable !! Every one of your patterns I just can't stop oooohhh & aaawww


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