1st of May

By Vendulka - May 01, 2013

1st of May is very important day for me .There is a tradition in my country, that girls have to be kissed under the cherry tree in blossom, so they will not became wither
 Oh - sweet kiss from real love is just a magic  :-) 

Cherry tree in blossom

So dear girls, I wish you to be kissed under blooming tree today - if you don´t find the cherry tree don't be sad. I hope, that it will works under every tree in blossom also :-)

Peach flower from our garden 

One quick story from our lives....:-) One of most favorite spring activity of our Honey Lady is a biting off the dandelions' blossoms. I think that she likes the sound, what it makes - I don´t know. But she works very in detail until all blossoms are off :-)

Today flowers.....:-) 

Have a nice day :-)

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2 komentářů

  1. Love the owl on your page Header ..... I love owls. The flowers are so beautiful and your dog is very cute.

    1. Thank you very much Lotti :-) Owls are my personal obsession :-)


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