Crazy rainbow bag

May 13, 2013

.. because you are asking quiet often .... and I am so happy you like my Crazy rainbow bag ... I have a proof for you, that I am really working on the pattern :-) Please keep me your fingers to I will not lost among the stitches :-)

Have a nice start to new week :-)

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16 komentářů

  1. I like the big! Beautiful Colors! Super! Greetz Anouk

  2. Очень яркая и веселая сумочка!

  3. I´m so happy to see. I love this Bag. So i go on waiting. :-)

  4. Hi Vendulka, your bag is gorgeous!! ♥ And many other nice things are to find on your lovely blog, I just signed in :-). Have a happy & sunny weekend!!
    xxx Nata

    1. Hi Nata, thank you very much for nice words. I am glad you like my work and you signed:-) this blog become my official site soon:-)

  5. I love this bag!!! When do you have a pattern of this lovely bag?

  6. This bag was the 'beginning" of my love for crochet!

  7. I love your work it is so very inspirational ( hope i spelled that wright)
    greatings from the Netherlands, Ria

  8. I can't see the patten anywere....

  9. a year has passed. I'm still waiting on this Pattern from the beautiful bag.
    I hope it will come.

  10. Please, can you tell me when the pattern will be available?? I love the Crazy rainbow bag!!!

    Greetings, Gera

  11. This bag is so great, i love it. Can you tell me when the pattern will be available?

  12. Ну очень солнечные вещи создаёте! Спасибо, что раскрасили серые ноябрьские будни! Даже на душе светлее стало.


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