TUTU skirt - my new challenge :-)

By Vendulka - February 09, 2013

Hi :-)
Ball season is now... and what mommy could do  for her princess to be ready to pre-school ball? Yes - making princess Tutu costumes :-)). Our girls are still dancing and they are playing on the princess all time. The one would be Sleeping Beauty - because her most beloved color is yellow. The second one would be Snow white - because she really admires pink color - like her mommy :-)

File:599936-snow white1 large.jpg

Well, today I bought some tulle in wonderful colors and beads. And I found this great no - sewing TUTU skirt tutorial, Please keep me your fingers! See you soon:-)

Ready for making Tutu princess costumes for a ball

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3 komentářů

  1. I love TUTUS skirts!!! My oldest daughter is a professional ballet dancer............are you going to knit or crochet TUTU?

    1. Thank you very much for your comment, Alise. Unfourtunatelly I have not enough time to crochet or knitting the dress. So I will made tulle skirts - I have already made them this afternoon:-) But I would like to embellished them by beads and some crochet flowers. I would like to make wearable skirts in common life, not only for a ball...

  2. I´m soooo much looking forward to see your tutu!! It must be pure fairytale :-)


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