Cutest coasters forever :-)

By Vendulka - February 06, 2013

Crochet Pear Coasters Pattern
Pear coaster designed by Monika Mrozkova 

Hi, do you like coasters? I like coasters very much! Today I would like to show you my most favorite coasters forever :-) The designer is very talented lady. Her name is Monika Mrozkova and her work is very specific and OH so cute!:-) She designing wonderful coasters and in her Etsy shop she offers finished products and  some crochet patterns of coasters also.

Look at the pictures, this is wonderful work, isn´t it? :-)

Crochet Double-Faced Chick Coaster Easter, Spring
Coaster designed by Monika Mrozkova 
Crochet Cow Coaster DIY, Pattern
Coaster designed by Monika Mrozkova 
Apple Tree Coasters (4 pc)
Coaster designed by Monika Mrozkova 

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