TUTU skirt - part II :-)

By Vendulka - February 21, 2013

How I was making a TUTU skirt ? Oh, as I wrote in my latest contribution I found tutorial of no sewing TUTU skirt. This tutorial is great and making TUTU skirt with this tutorial is really easy.

I made some picture from process of my creating... I wanted to waist would be more confortable and I used  the rubber instead of the ribbon. I didn´t pull the pieces of tulle not strong to the rubber didn´t rolling up. But - I wasn´t succesful with this way, because it was still rolled up, when the skirt was wearing and it didn´t look nice.. so one time and better:-)

Pieces of tulle

I had no wider ribbon, so I took my hook and make crochet belt. Because the skirt should looked like Snow White's skirt, so I made red belt. Around one edge of the belt I made one round of single crochet and I used also very thing rubber with, to the belt be elastic a little bit. 

Then I crocheted one round of holes ( 1 DS, skip one stitch, 1 CH - repeat to the end of the round).

I pulled the tulle pieces through these holes and I tied up the knots.

Then I made a little ruffle to hidden the knots:-)
One round of relief single crochet

One round of scallops (1 SC, skip 2 stitches, work 6 DC in the next stitch, skip 2 stitches, 1 SC, repeat from * around; join with a Sl St in 1st SC and finish off)
Picots edges of every scallop ( I made one picot in every DC from last round)
I added some beads, ribbon and yellow dot button :-)

And here is a result. I know, it is very simple and nothing special, but I am happy about it :-)

As every right Snow white has to own her apple - I made for my Snow white an apple too. I made differenct stem and leaf and added some beads. For the base of the apple I used great free Drops design apple pattern.

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6 komentářů

  1. This is amazing!!! I cant believe what you did! In my next life I wish to be your daughter :-) They must feel like princesses :-) Love from Denmark

    1. Dear Lene,
      thank you very much:-) Well it took me more time, that I am expected.. but I am happy that I tried to make it :-) Natalka has dark blue t-shirt with long sleeves, white tights and red headband with big bow and this skirt:-) We were ill during a ball:-( - but we are ready to next year!:-) I send you many greetings and I send you big appologize also that I didn´t answer on your latest e-mail - but I will write you soon - I promise:-)

  2. Vendy, to je proste genialni a nadherne. Ja chci byt v pristim zivote taky tvoje dcera :)

    1. :-))) Katuško,děkuji, ale - aby sis nemyslela - kovářova kobyla chodí bosa:-)))

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Fabulous Vendulka! So simple yet looks beautiful, especially for our little princesses :)


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