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By Vendulka - December 04, 2021

Hi, my dears,

so I was thinking, what Christmas event I will prepare for you. Last year, I posted every day one picture like an Advent calendar. It was nice, but to tell you the truth, I was doing it most of all for myself. So this year, I have another idea. 4 candles, 4 gifts from me to you. But true gifts. It already started last week, who are following me through my social media e.g. Instagram or Facebook have already noticed it. But I forget to write it on the blog too! Oh my!!! :-)

So with every other candle, I will also post a picture of some of my Christmas creations. If you wish, you could get the pattern for crocheting of this creation for free. ♥ Only thing, you have to make for it, is to leave your e-mail in the direct messages at my Instagram profile or Facebook messenger, or to my e-mail and write me on Monday after Advent Sunday.

If you wish, you can add some ♥, you can leave some words for me under the post. You can share it, if you wish, you can follow my account, but nothing of it is necessary, you will get the pattern anyway. How does it sound to you?

First candle - 1st Advent Sunday

First advent candle burning

First pattern - Christmas bootie 

Crochet pattern - Christmas ornament

I guess, that I sent about 200 gift e-mails within last week. And it made me very happy ♥. If you didn't get it and should please write me again. I will check it.

Tomorrow, it will be the second candle burning, so I will post another one on the blog too. :-)

Enjoy the Advent time, my dears :-)

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