By Vendulka - June 13, 2021

How my dears, 

so the summer is almost here. Are you ready for it? :-) To tell you the truth, I am not - mentally, physically.... This year I mean, the year with a worldwide pandemic left scars on many of us. 

Our girls spent almost one and half a year at home, they quit their hobbies, they lost all their previous life, friends, social interaction... and their online education? This was a parody of school, really. :-) And we, as parents, overwhelmed by duties, work, fear, and uncertainty - well we honestly don't deserve a good evaluation... They have changed, our family changed. We lost our honey princess, which really broke me and my younger one too. So as we were trying to heal it, we brought to our family 5 months old puppy with no inkling of boundaries. And this was really the challenge. But we needed her and we are happy, that she became a part of our family.

So this year, it is not important, if we have "beach bodies" or style. :-) This year, much more than ever before, if we will spend the summer and holiday like a family in peace and with a good spirit, this would be a miracle for me. 

And here is the answer, why I am so quiet all the time... But I still love my colorful world and love to be locked there. And I missed you.... ♥  What was the last project you crocheted, tell me :-)? My last project was an angel. A little small fragile angel. The pattern is written already, hidden in my drawer, waiting to be tested and published. 

Crochet doll - angel - amigurumi

And what about you? Did your family change through the pandemic also or did you go through it easily? 



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  1. I love your angel! this pandemic has really changed our perception of a normal life, worth our family moments to continue to feel a sense of belonging!


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