Let's talk about patchwork

By Vendulka - July 08, 2018

Hi, my dears,
let's talk about the patchwork. I love it! I am wearing my patchwork summer dress all the time. They are really long and I look like I am the traveler in time from 80' :-). Well, I don't care - I love these dress and I feel like a fairy, wearing them. And what to wear to the patchwork dress? That is the question! :-)

Do you remember some of my patchwork bags? If not, I will remember you a few designs :-) I think, that some of them I never shared before and some are still hidden from the world - oh, mystery mood today - haha ...

. . . ♥ . . .

Are you searching some bag handles?

You can find the patterns of some of my bags here: 

And it was the first one. 
My gently love bag. Made in October 2011 as my colorful therapy.... and me and my gypsy skirt. 

I hope you like my little trip to the past. 
  And do you know what? I am on the patchwork wave again...
I am working on the update of my gently love bag pattern - actually, I am just waiting for final testing, so my wonderful tester crocheter say the last words :-) and then I will share the pattern again. 
And I hope, I will add a new one soon! 

Thank you for reading, my dears!

. . . ♥ . . .

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5 komentářů

  1. Love your patchwork handbags, where can I purchase the pattern?

  2. Preciosos bolsos,difícil decir cual de ellos es más bonito!
    Estás muy guapa con tu falda gitana!
    Buen verano!!!

  3. Hello.I'm japanese and not good at english,so if there is rudeness,i'm sorry.

    I saw your Ravely site,and want to create your so cute 'Garden Scene Gently Love(bag)'

    Please,please upload the pattern again!!
    I anticipate it with much pleasure and very glad to crochet your pattern soon.

    And your another patchwork bag are also very cute!!!
    I want to get these patterns...
    i'd appreciate if you could upload patterns.

    Thank you for reading.

    ~Your fan ~

  4. Hello,i saw your Ravely site and want to buy your pattern Garden Scene Gently Love.It's so very cute!!

    And i'm so glad,if you could upload another your patchwork bag patterns.
    Because your all creations are so cute!!

    Please upload the patterns,please..


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