Let's talk about patchwork

July 08, 2018

Hi, my dears,
let's talk about the patchwork. I love it! I am wearing my patchwork summer dress all the time. They are really long and I look like I am the traveler in time from 80' :-). Well, I don't care - I love these dress and I feel like a fairy, wearing them. And what to wear to the patchwork dress? That is the question! :-)

Do you remember some of my patchwork bags? If not, I will remember you a few designs :-) I think, that some of them I never shared before and some are still hidden from the world - oh, mystery mood today - haha ...

. . . ♥ . . .

Are you searching some bag handles?

You can find the patterns of some of my bags here: www.vendulkam.etsy.com 

And it was the first one. 
My gently love bag. Made in October 2011 as my colorful therapy.... and me and my gypsy skirt. 

I hope you like my little trip to the past. 
  And do you know what? I am on the patchwork wave again...
I am working on the update of my gently love bag pattern - actually, I am just waiting for final testing, so my wonderful tester crocheter say the last words :-) and then I will share the pattern again. 
And I hope, I will add a new one soon! 

Thank you for reading, my dears!

. . . ♥ . . .

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