Friday, June 12, 2015

New link

Hi my dears,
I hope, you have a nice time. I have a little new. I changed the link of my blog, to it will be easier for you to find me :-)

Former link is: 
and now you could easily type this link:

vendulkam crochet patterns

But please, don't worry. If you write my former link to your browser, you will be redirected to the new one :-)

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Some new appliques

Hi my dears,
as I wrote in one of my latest posts I was busy like a bee and made some news... First was Henrieta - the fox - coaster and the another are .... some appliqués :-)

crochet applique pattern

As you see, I am taking my June's list very seriously :-) And I l.o.v.e. it!

Please, let me introduce to you my baby owl applique. 

As you know, I admire the owls and love beads and buttons :-) And this time, except of my favorite Japanese Toho beads I used  wonderful Swarovski beads also. Oh, how I love the glitters rhinestones. I am fascinated of them from my childhood. My eyes are always shining when I am looking at those glitter rhinestones... :-)

If you like this baby owl applique - the pattern is ready

And something little about bunny and kitty appliques in my next posts :-)

I wish you wonderul Saturday!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

My June Challenge

Hi my dears,
do you know that situation, that you have plenty projects in process, than you don't know, what you should finish first? ... Well, there I am now - lost - in my unfinished projects and plans. I really need to move on.

So I wrote it down on the paper. My list for the June! My personal challenge.

Vendulkam crochet

My hubby told me, that we should move to new home finally at the end of the June/beginning of July. I don't know, how much it is real or how much he believes, that it is real ? .... You know I am living with an Aquarius for sixteen years, my life is full of his dreams :-).. But in case, that it will be the truth, I have to be ready for it, then will be no time for my hooks again. Need to take all my courage and make everything I promised / planned. I will let you know, how successful was I :-)

And what about you - do you have same mess in your projects as I ? Or do you have better morals and create one little piece to the end and after then another? ... :-)


Thursday, May 28, 2015

Henrietta - the fox

Hi my dears,
how are you? I was busy like a bee and made some news :-)


Here is the first one. Her name is Henrietta. She is very cuddly, gentle, clever and thoughtful fox. She is dreaming about friend of her - the Fox from Exupéry's book - the Little prince. She reads this fairy tale over and over again. And after every other readings she perceives the depth and strength of these stories so intensively. She would wish, to Little prince and his friend Fox, took her on one of their adventurous expeditions with them ... She slowly closes her eyes and let carried away herself by their cosmic adventure.

I understand to Henrietta so much. Here is my most beloved story from this book. So truth and so deep! And because I am going to read this amazing book again, I guess I will make a little cup of tea, and need Henrietta's company. If you need her company too, the pattern is ready :-)

crochet fox pattern by VendulkaM

Saturday, May 16, 2015

May - my favorite month

Hi my dears,

how are you? It's May and the Spring is definitely here. All is green and all these flowers, bushes and trees in the blossoms, blue sky above my head, summer shoes... and I really like it soooo much! 

Azalea in the sun on Today's morning :-)

Azaleas on our garden in blossom ...

Blue sky above my head :-) 

Last days were very busy, but very nice. On 14th May - we celebrated 16 years anniversary with my love... You know - good times, bad times - but I still love him so much! And one day after our anniversary, our beloved Nelinka was born - 5 years ago :-) So me and Natalka made the Birthday's cake for her. Natalka made the flowers and persuaded me to add little kitty on the cake. Because our Nelinka loves cats. This is my third fondant cake in my life, first figures - aaaaaaaaaa :-) I was afraid, if I can do it and when I started to panic a little bit ... Natalka, my fairy, told me: "Mommy, don't mind, that you are only beginner. I believe, that you will do it. Just calm down !" What to say, to my little miracle? :-)... It was such a fun to make a cake, but also big responsibility. I have to confess, that I was nervous. But when saw Nelinka's joy ... I had a tears of happiness in my eyes. I slept only 2 hours the night before. But I think, that Birthday's cake from mommy is unforgettable memory... 

And now from baking back to crocheting. Some duties are in front me: I need to rewrite a list of all my crocheting and other work. I have so many creations and patterns in the process. My head is like huge beehive - with all those thoughts ... I guess I lost in my thoughts and plans already. I really need to summarize it, make deep breath and begin to fill my list honestly. I will write you, if I am successful or not:-)

But for now, I have to go - I have to cheer to our boys. They are playing the semifinals on the Hockey World Champions right now, which is taking place in our small but nice country - Czech Republic. Come oooooooooon, boys!

I wish you wonderful weekend! :-)