Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Just Hi :-)

Hi my dears,
when I look on my latest post - this is crazy - it is a month! I am sorry, I didn't write a word. My mood is on zero level. I still have the after flu complication with my hand... still no crocheting, writting, sewing... So if you are waiting for some news or promised patterns, I have to appologize to you, I am still not working on it. My hooks are sad and lonely and I am getting really nervous. Some tests were through me, some infront of me and still no treatment, grrrrrrrrrr. But quit with the grumbling!!! I will try to work on some rests, if my hand allow to me and I promise to you, when I will recover, my hook will be on the fire again! :-) 

I hope, you have nice Spring time :-) I am amazed of the trees in blossom. I really admire it! These wonderful moments, when I rise my head up and see this beauty, forces me to stop and calm down...

At the end of April, it was a witches rally in our coutry again. So I made an easy witch costume for my little magic creature :-) The missing teath she managed by herself, very well timing! :-D

And finally I learned great yummy cupcake cream - thank you very much Katusko :-) - it looks, that I becoming a big girl:-) So I made sweet little cupcakes with witches hats on the top - for the children to the Kindergarten.

My dears, even in the crocheting or sewing or baking, stay creative! :-) And I hope, I will join you again soon! 


Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring enthusiasm

Hi my dears,

how are you and how are you enjoying the Spring? I am fascinated by the colors and twittering of the birds. I love it! As always I am full of enthusiasm and I have so many energy to new work, to doing exercise regularly, cooking healthier way, and finally we should moving to new home - we are waiting for it so many years - you know, that now new life begins finally :-D. And I promised, that I will post colorful hoodie pattern and I wanted to post some news also. So many plans :-)

vendula maderska

vendula maderska

So I sat down, and as a clever quotes advise, I wrote nice list with the plan and goals, in colors, you know :-). And I don't know, but this don't work for me - always, when I wrote it, it is like - I am listening the God, launghing in his sleeve and saying: the challenge accepted! I guess, he is launghts aloud this time :-).... Because after I wrote my wonderful to-do list, first - my girls where ill over the month. I think, I can't explain to any mommy, how exhausting it is, when the children are ill and when it looks all good, then I get a flu - in April :-) I really don't remember when I had real nasty flu last time, but this, this was something. My hubby had to quit the job for a while and took care of us. It was a big challenge for him also... you know the household, cooking, girls, our honey, ill me :-), but he did great job! Today I am first day on my feets, well feets, actually I am rather sitting, because I am really weak, I can't hold my hook, my fingers and hands don't cooperate with me. But I would like to write to you few words, let you to know, that I am not working on it, but when I will be stronger, I will dust off my to-do list and will continue :-)

So my dears, I wish you to enjoy this wonderful Springtime without any flu and other similiar merrymaking :-)


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Are you ready for Easter?

Hi my dears,
the Easter are coming, so I made some new decorations. The hens are one of them :-) I love them so much! And what about you, how do you spend this nice time? Do you have all decoration for Easter? I know, that Easter are not only about making a decoration, but it has more deeper meaning. Also for me... But with Easter, I celebrate the Spring also! And Spring is my most beloved period of the year, I just love to see the nature comes alive again :-) So what about to have some fun? :-)

Let's talk, my dear :-)

Crochet hen - crochet pattern by VendulkaM

Ooooh, what, what, what do you say? :-) 

Crochet hen - crochet pattern by VendulkaM

I think, that they are discussing about their new buddy - White rabbit Eda. Do you saw him on my instagram already? ;-) Maybe, they are gossiping about meeee, that I didn't catch the write the pattern for Eda. Same song, as always. And maybe they are not to far from the true or? What do you think? :-)

Whatever they are saying anything, I just love them :-)

Crochet hen - crochet pattern by VendulkaM

If you would like to add these great companions to your Easter decoration collection, the pattern is in my pattern stores already. I just made the update now, when I was creating them this time :-)


Saturday, March 12, 2016

Owl hat

Hi my dears,

It is a quite a long time, when I posted some owl desing. But please, don't think, that I didn't make any... Soooo here it is - new owl to our owls' collection :-)

Easy design, quick process and cute look :-) I just love it!

The pattern of this Owl's hat is ready in my patterns stores :-)



Speaking about the owls. I wised up, that I didn't show you my owls' cupkaces. I made for my Natalka's Birthsday party :-) And owl's cake of course too :-) Hihihi... She still admires the owls, but this year there is a huge challenge wating for me - she wish she will have My little ponny party and Nelinka would like to have Frozen party :-))) Ooooooh, I really loooooove to be a mommy ♥

owl cake topper

owl cake toppers

We prepared some owl's invitation cards and sweets in owl's packages as thanks for coming and  owl's sewing kit and every girl sewn her own owl. It was such a fun :-) 


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Almost Spring time :-)

Hi my dears,
I guess that Spring is coming. I am soooo looking forward to the Spring! The first snowdrops are here. I love them!

Oooh, look who I found hidden in the snowdrops? What, little Penguin?! Isn't he late ? :-)

Well, just a little bit late. At the evening, it is a Spring outside, and when I woke up, it is Winter :-)

The pattern of this funny little boy is ready in my pattern store.