Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Meet me at the meadow

Hi my dears,
do you remember my collection Meet me at the meadow? :-) I designed it in 2011 and I made cute hat and purse and some appliqués.

Hedgehog purse pattern by Vendula Maderska

Hedgehog purse pattern by Vendula Maderska

Continuously I am working on update of my oldest pattern. And I finished another one - Hedgehod purse :-) I wrote the instruction clearer, changed the design a little bit, added new appliqué and I hope, you will like it :-)

Hedgehog purse pattern by Vendula Maderska

Hedgehog purse pattern by Vendula Maderska


If you are interested in the pattern of my little autumn purse, you could buy it here:

 Buy the pattern on Ravelry
Buy the pattern on ETSY
 Buy the pattern on DAWANDA
 Buy the pattern on CRAFTSY
 Buy and download pattern NOW

Needed material:

• fine yarn/ sport/ 5 ply/ 12 wpi/ calls for 3 mm hook 
• hook 3 mm
• tapestry needle
• common sewing thread and needle
• Toho beads average 4 mm (beads size 6/0), Toho beads cubes size 6/0
• 1 piece of heart button 1.8 cm
• mix of buttons average 6 - 15 mm

I used this yarn: 100% mercerized cotton Catania Solids by Schachenmayr SMC 
Yarn weight: Sport / 5 ply (12 wpi) Gauge: 26.0 sts = 4 inches. You will need about 57 g / approximately 155 yards of yarn totally. 

Measurement of finished purse: 15 cm /5.9 inches width, 15 cm /5.9 inches height. Length of the strap is up to you. I made 76 cm /29.9 inches long. Please remember, that the size of finished bag depends on used material and your own style of crocheting.

Level: beginner /intermediate. Basic skills of crocheting are needed.

You should know, how to crochet these stitches: Chain (CH), Slip stitch (SlSt) , Single crochet (SC) , Half double crochet (HDC), Double crochet (DC), Increasing (inc): 2 SC or 2 DC in same stitch , Decreasing (dec): crochet 2 stitches together

If you will have some question before purchase or during process, don't hesitate and write me at vendula.maderska@gmail.com. You could also send me a picture of your finished projects :-)


Hedgehog purse pattern by Vendula Maderska

Monday, August 22, 2016


Hi my dears,

this year, I decided to grow some decorative pumpkins. For first time in my life. So I plant the seeds and I literally sang to my small plants :-) And imagined, the sunny autumn - window boxes on our window with colorful heather and there my small pumpkins decorating it. And the reality is - that I have wonderful pumpkin plants, with many blossoms aaaaand 3 pieces of pumpkins :-). One of them was destroyed by starling, living in our Catalpa tree at our garden - so two pieces left. One of them is about 4 cm tall, and stopped grown 3 weeks ago and the last one - my beauty - is still growing :-) I am very happy about it! But the dream about my autumn decoration was disappeared :-) Do you remember my free pumpkin pattern? This year I tried something new. I knitted some. Yeees, you read good, I remove the dust off my needles. My hooks were jealous a little bit, but I calmed them down immediately, because made new owlie purse and some new autumn darling decoration. I love them! I can't wait to share them with you :-)

So here are my knitted pumpkins. I made some for friend of mine as a present.

And I made some another to my Etsy shop also. They are ready to ship :-)

Thank you for reading, my dears :-) I wish you a perfect day!


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Busy like a bee :-)

Hi my dears,

how is your summer? :-) My hooks are on the fire and yours? :-) If you follow my instagram, you know, that I am not lazy girl. I love instragram, but I don't forget on my diary :-)

My dear diary, I was busy like a bee and I love it! I wrote some new patterns, wrote some free patterns, made some updates, made a Birthday cake for my little one and I crocheted some neeeeews :-) And I decided that will write about news I made dutifully and regularly :-)  

So today,something new :-) My new blue bag with big flower. I love it. The colors combo, the textuted pattern, the size and material, all is perfect for me :-) 

Crochet flower bag by Vendula Maderska

Crochet flower bag by Vendula Maderska

Crochet flower bag by Vendula Maderska

... as you see, this bag in not my favorite only LOL

Crochet flower bag by Vendula Maderska

Crochet flower bag by Vendula Maderska

I love to use the strap with little snap hooks. I always remove it from old bag and give it to new one :-) It is variable and the color is neutral, so it suits to almost colors :-)

If you would like to crochet the bag, the pattern is in my pattern store already :-) Just on Etsy but I will add it to the other stores soon too :-).


Birthday girl

Hi my dears,
do you know what? The time is running sooooo fast. My little girl celebrated her 9th Birthday . I can't belive it. She loves My little ponies, and she wished a cake with a pony. And all month I pumped her: "What pony from all do you love most? " And everytime she said someone else :-) So I took all my courage and make 6 main ponies from My little pony group and made a cake :-)  She was so happy, when she saw it. And I was so happy too. And I found new recipe for cake base, my previous was great to but this one - I have only one word - delicious! :-) And of course our favorite raspberries inside :-)

So my love, I wish you strong health and positive energy around you. Stay happy! 
We love you so much ♥ 


Friday, July 22, 2016

Big buttons bag

Hi my dears,
do you know, that I am mad about the buttons? :-)

Do you like granny squares? I do! So I joined grannies and buttons and yes, I love this bag. It is big enough for shopping with my girls :-) Do you see? I am slowly getting back to my natual hair color :-) 

And yes, sometimes I am wearing a jeans, but it is not so often. I am still obsessed by wearing skirts :-)

And do you know what? We had a snow! 

....  in January

A little joke for Friday:-)

The testing of the pattern is almost finished, if you are interesting in it :-)

Have a wonderful weekend, my dears :-)