Friday, October 21, 2016


Hi my dears,
how are you? As I wrote in my older posts, I was with my girl, later with both girls ♥ on medical treatment stay. We were in mountains Jeseniky. It is just a beautiful place! When we were walking there, we saw so many magical places. Sometimes, I had the feeling, that the fairies are living there.  Most of the time, I haven't camera with me - of course! But on the other side - it forced me to stop, don't record it, just look at all this beauty and feel it with all sences. And that  air! You had the feeling, like you are breathe the health itself, literally :-) It was really nice time ♥









And that was view from our window - just wow :-)

Are you curious, if I was working also? Well, you have to wait until the next post. 
But those, who are following my instagram, they already know :-)

.......................... ♥ ..........................

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Biggest pattern giveaway ever

Hi my dears,
two posts in two days? :-) 

In my galop :-) I forget to tell you about huuuuuuge but realy huuuuuuuge giveaway of the patterns it is under way right now. Yeah! Bonita patterns celebrate their important milestone :-) Do you know them? :-) If not, click here. But I am pretty sure, that you know and love them ♥ 

picture from: 

To know something about this huge patterns giveaway, please click HERE There are so many beautiful patterns to win, from so many talented designers - 924 prizes totaling over $5,800 from Bonita Patterns and many of their friends, sponsors and affiliates - only one word - WOW! :-). And if you are interested in - Magic with hook and needles is participating too. 5 winners will choose 3 patterns from my colorful world :-D. So good luck, my dears ♥

Friday, September 16, 2016

Hiii :-)

Hi my dears,
am I writing as I promised. We leaved our home and went to a month-long unplanned medical treatment stay with my Natalka. Nelinka is first grade student, as you know, from my last post, so she can't came with us, but my hubby brings her to us every weekend. I am sooooo looking forward to hug and kiss her ♥ Sometimes the circumstances split our family and I don't take it well, and I am sad, and my Natalka noticed and hug me and told me, that she loves me, and that we will together again soon, and that I am strong girl and .... you know, and at these moments, I tell to myself, that my "mommy's work goes well and I am so proud of her - of both my rainbow fairies"... Because sometimes, I have the feeling, that it is hard to be a parent, you know... Oh, my philosophical time is over, I promise :-D

So we are at beautiful place, great for Natalka's medical treatment and we have wonderful Indian summer here - so we spent many time in fresh air, walking in countryside. And not only we are enjoying this beautiful time, it looked like butterflies meeting today:-) I can't resist and I just had to make some pictures, even when I had only my 5% battery "full" almost dying cellphone with me, 

So we saw the Macroglossum stellatarum again. Those, who follow my instagram know this creature already :-)

And we saw Vanessa cardui

And Inachis io

And Aglais urticae

And Pieris brassicae (but when I catched to make the picture with his open wings, my cell phone died)... so you have to believe me, that it was Pieris brassicae :-)

I am trying to teach my girls generic names of some animal species, just for fun :-) Sometimes my biologist's soul is calling me :-). And here in Jeseniky, is so wonderful countryside and always so many beauties to see :-) I will make some pictures soon, someday when I will have not only my still almost dying cell phone but my camera also. It is still sad and lonely in the bag. Writing about sad and lonely things - my hooks don't belong to this group now. I am working on some cute neeeews and some orders. There is still something to crochet, right? ♥ 

P.S.: I took 2 books with me - what a naive girl, am I :-)

Thank you for your time, my dears! 

Have a great weekend ♥

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Just few lines :-)

Hi my dears,
I am writing as I promised :-) I am busy like a bee, there are many news in our family life. My baby girl goes in 1st grade! I am touched and sad and happy - all in one - it run so fast! After almost one week she still loves school LOL, she is like little a little bit confused ladybug ♥ And we are in moving process, my hubby is reconstructing our small house from 1902 - several years, with his own hands. He is my hero! But we both know, that it is more complicated, that we had imagined and we are really tired.  But the great thing about all that situation is, that we are close to each other as a family and that our girls see, that nothing comes alone. If you would like to have something, you just have to work for it :-) And they are happy and grateful for every improvement. Sooooo only one sentence: Show must go on, right? :-D

In a meantime I crocheted some creations also :-) 

I made my humble boy as a custom order. I still love this creation so much. And I hope, that the my sweet customer will like it too :-)

I just have to make another pumpkin owl. Just because I love it! This one is ready to ship :-)

And my dreaming owl I created as an ornament and packaged it as a gift to one of the order :-)

And one of my baby owl as a brooch on the baby carriage :-), flew yesteraday to her new home already.

So my dears, 
I wish happy and successful new school year for your kids and enough patience and strong nerves for you! :-) I will write the update soon.


.......................... ♥ ..........................

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Pumpkin owl

Hi my dears,
let me introduce you my new funny owl:-) This is that new, I was writting about in my lastest post. Bring autumn into your house with this cute Pumpkin owl :-)!  This one is sitting next to my computer and I love it. She makes a smile on my face :-)

Pumpkin owl by Vendula Maderska

Use another colors and embellishment and make cute Halloween decoration also. 

Pumpkin owl by Vendula Maderska

Autumn owl b Vendula Maderska

Be creative and make funny creations with me ♥

Pumpkin owl by Vendula Maderska


The pattern is ready in the stores, if you are interested in :-)



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