Friday, December 30, 2016

Whisper a wish

Hi my dears,
I would like to thank you very much for your support, for your incredibly beautiful e-mails and messages, which make a smile on my face and warm my heart. I am so glad and honoured, that you are in my life and so thankful, that my work and passion for colors is in yours :-). I hope, I inspired you this year a little bit, to make something colorful :-) To the new year - I would like to wish you just -  Be happy ♥ I don't know, but I think, that the year 2016 was a sad and weird for many people I know, personally or virtually. So at the midnight at December 31, when the New year comes alive, I will whisper that wish for you and I will look forward to reading many happy news from you in next year. 

P.S:... for those, who know, I got that dress - tralalalala :-)

Crochet reindeer by Vendulka Maderska

.. and my beloved honey/white lady send you the Christmas greeting too ♥

Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Guardian ♥

Hi my dears, 
I think, everyone needs one at least ♥

crochet pattern - angel - by Vendula Maderska

crochet pattern - angel - by Vendula Maderska

If you are interested in, the pattern is in the stores already :-)

 Buy the patten on Etsy    


Crochet pattern - angel - by Vendula Maderska

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My personal Christmas challenge

OK, my little girl asked me to make for her а Christmas dress, appliqued by reindeer -  3 weeks before Christmas. She took a long speach and she was dreamily talking about, that she would like to wear that dress so much, and how it all will be beautiful day. She was dancing during that speach, my little fairy. She is on first degree at school, everything is new for her and every fest-day she is feeling it so deeply. Deadline is on December 16, that day is a little Christmas party at school.

You know, it is 3 weeks until Christmas, every mommy knows, that this is realy a busy time... so I wanted to say, that I don't have a time, but then I looked to her eyes, in my head still sound her speach, and you know - time is flying so fast - it is a blessing, that she would like to wear something from mommy's creation. So I said yes, of course :-)

I noticed there are some Christmas challenges flying through the internet - so this will be my own personal challenge... :-)

••• November 29
I finished a new pattern - tralalalala :-) and at midnight I begun with designing. I took me few hours, but finally I designed easy A-shape dress/tunic in green, red, brown. I choosed Lily sugar cotton for dress and Catania by SMC for an embellihsment. And I put my hook away and took the needle to my hands for now at least, I will need it later again for making the embellishment :-)

••• November 30 
After spent all day working, I am going to fill one special Christmas gift.
My sample square - the rectangle actualy :-) is finished, so I could begin. The light is not good, it is  a night already, but I hope, I will post some better pictures soon :-) 

P.S: I am still thinking, to add light ecru :-), well, let's see.

Please keep your fingers crossed, I will catch it :-) I will let you know about progress :-)

P.S.: today there is first snow outside our new home ♥

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Dog appliqué

Woof :-) 

Crochet pattern - Bernese Mountain Dog by Vendula Maderska

Maybe you though, that I am a lazy giiiirl. Well, my dears, I am not. We are still in the moving and reconstructing mood, so my creating mood have to wait a little bit. But I am pretty sure, that in the meantime, something christmas is "cooking" in my kitchen :-)

Working on this desing bring me so many memmories on a real Bernese dog named Agil, the best friend of my honey prince. I still miss them so much ♥ 

Rhodesian ridgeback and Bernese Mountain dog

♥ ♥ ♥

The pattern is in my pattern store and ravelry again. 

Crochet pattern - Bernese Mountain Dog by Vendula Maderska

Writting about Christmas, are you looking forward on the Christmas? Well, I am :-) and soooooo much. I really hope, that we catch to do all important things in our new home.  Well, my dears, today just only a few words, I have to fly, but I will write soon again ♥

Monday, October 24, 2016

Long blog post

Hi my dears,
I wish you happy Monday! Are you ready to begin new week? Well, to tell you the true, I would like to lie in bed, drink a tea from our new teapot and read the book. I wrote the list of books, I would like to read and I am going to fulfill it! In last years, I was so busy with life :-), that I almost stopped to read the books (I don't count the textbooks, cookbooks, blogs, manuals) I mean, the stories, you know :-) and this has to be changed! And what about you, do you have your books' list? And do find the time for reading?

Teapot hot pad

In my previous post I shared with you some pictures of our beautiful country and today, I will share with you the pictures of my work, I made last month, at least most of them :-) 

I made some owls of course :-)  
I made my blue owl, using my favorite Kacenka yarn, this time :-)

Crochet owl by Vendula Maderska

Crochet owl pattern by Vendula Maderska

This one was for a charity ♥

Crochet owl pattern by Vendula Maderska

I made one brown owl also. I used polka dot felt for a wings and I love it :-) I made update of the pattern, but I haven't shared it yet. It is on Tuesday To do list! :-)

Crochet owl pattern by Vendula Maderska

I made really many coasters and I love each of them :-) I made some coffee mug coasters as a gifts for friend of mine Daninka ♥

Crochet coffee mug coaster pattern by Vendula Maderska

And some colorful beauties as custom order for my special customer Sharon ♥ She is so nice customer and it was such a pleasure for me to create these colorful guys for her :-) And I made much more, but about them next time :-)

Coffee mug coaster - crochet pattern by VendulkaM

Coffee mug coaster - crochet pattern by VendulkaM

When I look at her, I hear this song: She's a lady in my head :-) Do you know that song? Tom Jones is dancing there amazingly, am I right? :-) The pattern is ready in the pattern store already. Do you see that beautiful tree stump? I was so happy, when I saw it. Just perfect for my lady :-)

Crochet fox - crochet pattern by Vendula Maderska

I made a hat for one of my goddaughters. I used my ladybug applique :-) It was so much fun, using all these buttons. You know, I am mad about them! Don't worry, I made new hat for the sescond one too :-)

Lladybug applique - crochet pattern by Vendula Maderska

And I finished the pattern of my new owl's purse :-) 

Owl purse  - crochet pattern by Vendula Maderska

Crochet owl by Vendula Maderska

And I made a Haunted house as a custom order for my special customer Susan ♥ I really enjoyed it. You know, it is pure happiness when you are creating something for someone, who knows it's price. I don't mean money, I mean, the energy, which contains handmade creation. And Susan was exactly one of these customers. Thank you very much!

Did I ever tell you, that I love my customers? ♥

Crochet Haunted house - crochet pattern by Vendula Maderska

I have to share with you some new. This is really very new for me. I made my first front door decoration :-). We are slowly moving to our old/new home. As you know, I wrote about it in past, my hubby is reconstructing a house from 1912 with his own hands. He is very handy, my hero ♥, but it took so many years, so I stopped to count it already. When I see how much energy he spent with it and the work he already did... ♥ Well, and this autumn, we already moved, yeah! Not entirely, there is still lot of work in front of us, but the main thing is, that we have heathers, right? :-D So my very first front door decoration :-) I know, I have to work on it, hang the wreath etc., but I am very happy already :-)

autumn front door decoration idea

Well my dears, this is really long blog post :-). If I was a real blogger, I would probably split it in several blog posts, and probably I should do it by this way, but .....:-) I wish you Happy Monday! And I am going to read my book, for few minutes at least before I will fall asleep. Most of all I am falling asleep with my hook in hand, hoping, that I will finish something. My girls are telling, that it is easy to put mommy to sleep :-) So today, I will fall a sleep with my book :-)

.......................... ♥ ..........................

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