The Christmas is prolonged :-)

By Vendulka - February 03, 2018

OK, I barely found my feet and the end of the first month of the new year is over. And what was it?

Crochet moose - crochet pattern by VendulkaM

The first month of the new year is always fulfilled by the expectations more than the others. It is like to take a deep breath again, don't you think? 

And I was on my optimistic wave again, and my TO-DO list was really full.

 Crochet monster applique - crochet pattern by VendulkaM

Well, I had to change the plans - the universe stopped me again! :-) But yes, something on my list was done (note for February: write TO-DO list not so much optimistic :-) ). Do you love that feeling, when you mark something as DONE! :-) I love that! 

I was thinking about that I should finally clean up the Christmas embellishment. We are almost the only one in the street. And do you know what? The tulips on the garden are 2 inches above the ground! But I really love Christmas decoration.

I was a little bit sad from all that after Christmas cleaning up. But suddenly one of my nice customers called me, that she really needs my moose Bob as a gift and yesterday was late. And I heard a happy voice in my head - the Christmas is prolonged! :-) So, I created one quick Bob for her. And it had a lot of success. I am always sooooooooo happy to hear that! :-) So, I officially closed the Christmas in my mind with happiness. 

Crochet moose - crochet pattern by VendulkaM

And what will be next? I took a quick look at my January list.

Oh yes, someone with the blond hair and brave in the heart is waiting for me :-) Still testing the Little prince pattern!

And in the meantime..... just make so owls. It is so long I designed some :-) You know me, I am addicted to owls :-)

So, I made just some cute quickie ...

Crochet Valentines Owl - crochet pattern by VendulkaM

When one is not enough... ♥

Crochet Valentines Owl - crochet pattern by VendulkaM

So, goodbye the January and welcome the February :-)

Crochet heart pattern by VendulkaM

. . . . . . ♥ . . . . . .

 Crochet patterns by Vendula Maderska

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