Pigtails hat - new pattern in the stoooore

By Vendulka - February 14, 2018

Hi, my dears,
do you know what? I miss the sun and colors. I realized, that in February I am always creating so colorful projects. And I think that this is because I miss the colors. I am not a winter person. I am spring and summer person. Yes! And now, you know it :-) 

 Crochet hat pattern by VendulkaM

So I took a look at my recent work for absorbing some colors and I realized, that I didn't write the pattern for pigtails hat! I was thinking about the beginning of my work, when I made one hat a day, with all that embellishment, it was quite a lot of work. Maybe I should take a look at my old hats and write some pattern too. What do you think? Do you remember some of my hats? Write me in the comments below, if yes or no.

But back to pigtails hat! I used my favorite Catania yarn again and lovely sweet colors.

You could buy the yarn HERE if you wish.

★ You can find the pattern HERE 

 Crochet hat pattern by VendulkaM

 Crochet hat pattern by VendulkaM

Great reason for using beautiful hedgehog buttons, I get from my dearest friend Katka :-) 
She is spoiling me so much ♥
Do you remember the big package of happiness she sent me?

They looks perfect on that hat, what do you think?

 Crochet hat pattern by VendulkaM

These Smurfettes ♥

 Crochet hat pattern by VendulkaM

And what are you doing, my dears? My hook is on the fire now. I am finishing testing my little prince pattern. He is so patient with me and also you. Thank you ♥. And I get new yarn from Knitcrate. So, I am totally hooked right now. See my Insta, if you are curious about my progress :-)

Anyway, I wish you lovely Valentine's time, my dears. 
The love is in the air ♥

Crochet hat pattern by VendulkaM

Thank you for reading ♥

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