February KnitCrate

By Vendulka - February 21, 2018

Hi my dears,
if you are following my Instagram, you probably knew, that my KnitCrate came yet! :-)

I would like it to write a review sooner, but get ill, so it had to wait. I am feeling a little bit better, so finally, the February KnitCrate review is hereeeee :-)

This time with the mysterious theme:

★  P E T R I CH O V 

I never heard this term before. It means that something like a fresh air after the rain. 
And I think, that exactly that was the yarn, I get :-)

I wish you can touch it, it is so soft and pleasant. It is 40% Merino, 30% Silk and 30% Alpaca 
Look at the color! 2 skeins/ 200g of pure happiness.

The shade I get is named Mist

Exclusive hand-dyed for KnitCrate. And the color is amazing! It is hard to catch it by my camera but is it amazing.  Do you have some advantage with hand-dyed yarn? Maybe you would like to read some tips and some information about hand-dyed yarn. 

Beside of this beauty, you will find tow patterns in February KnitCrate, one for crocheters and one for knitters. I love that idea!

Young crochet designer Vincent W.Green designed this beautiful Mariana Trench Scarf and offers 10 % off at Vincent's patterns store. It is very nice of you, thank you!

Knit Designer Noelle Davis did a great job and designed wonderful scarf named Raindrop Cowl and also offer the discount - 50% OFF, oh my. Thank you so much!

My summary 
The yarn is amazing, the color is breathtaking and the patterns are easy and very well to read. I love that kit!  OK, summary without emotion :-): amazing exclusive yarn and 2 patterns, postage included in retail price 63 USD in total for 24,99 USD. That is an amazing deal! :-)

If you like it too, pick your KnitCrate here now. The February kit is available to the end of the February! They have many types of subscription e.g. by the month (a one-time purchase), 3-months, or even a full years etc. The KnitCrate offers for my followers and friends and sale :-) Using this unique code: MAGIC20, you will get 20% Off the first month of your subscription. I love the sale codes! Thank you very much, KnitCrate! ♥ 

The technical note: I need to say, that if you will subscribe to KnitCrate through my link, I will get some small commission.

So I made a ball already and this time, I will use the needles! :-)

Thank you very much for reading, my dears and be happy and healthy!!! :-)

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