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By Vendulka - September 08, 2016

Hi my dears,
I am writing as I promised :-) I am busy like a bee, there are many news in our family life. My baby girl goes in 1st grade! I am touched and sad and happy - all in one - it run so fast! After almost one week she still loves school LOL, she is like little a little bit confused ladybug ♥ And we are in moving process, my hubby is reconstructing our small house from 1902 - several years, with his own hands. He is my hero! But we both know, that it is more complicated, that we had imagined and we are really tired.  But the great thing about all that situation is, that we are close to each other as a family and that our girls see, that nothing comes alone. If you would like to have something, you just have to work for it :-) And they are happy and grateful for every improvement. Sooooo only one sentence: Show must go on, right? :-D

In a meantime I crocheted some creations also :-) 

I made my humble boy as a custom order. I still love this creation so much. And I hope, that the my sweet customer will like it too :-)

I just have to make another pumpkin owl. Just because I love it! This one is ready to ship :-)

And my dreaming owl I created as an ornament and packaged it as a gift to one of the order :-)

And one of my baby owl as a brooch on the baby carriage :-), flew yesteraday to her new home already.

So my dears, 
I wish happy and successful new school year for your kids and enough patience and strong nerves for you! :-) I will write the update soon.


.......................... ♥ ..........................

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9 komentářů

  1. Какой шикарный павлин, здорово! Ваше творчество очень вдохновляет. Желаю удачи во всем!

  2. Happiness always from across the pond!

  3. Happiness always from across the pond!

  4. Павлин просто чудо! Совы все разные и симпатичные!

  5. Hello Vendula,
    your peacock is amazing! And I love your owls - all of them!
    Have a lovely weekend,
    P.S.: Luckily my youngest got his A-levels this June, so both boys are finished with school now! Doesn't make life easier though...

  6. Ahoj, Vendulko! Ty Tvoje sovičky jsou prostě úžasné, hned jsem se do nich zamilovala, obzvlášť do té růžové se štěněcíma očima. Krásnou neděli a zase někdy! LenkaH.

  7. Wow, your works are soo sweet! Every single one of them. I think my favorite is the peacock, so many small details, fantastic! Have a happy day xxx


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