Biggest pattern giveaway ever

By Vendulka - September 17, 2016

Hi my dears,
two posts in two days? :-) 

In my galop :-) I forget to tell you about huuuuuuge but realy huuuuuuuge giveaway of the patterns it is under way right now. Yeah! Bonita patterns celebrate their important milestone :-) Do you know them? :-) If not, click here. But I am pretty sure, that you know and love them ♥ 

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To know something about this huge patterns giveaway, please click HERE There are so many beautiful patterns to win, from so many talented designers - 924 prizes totaling over $5,800 from Bonita Patterns and many of their friends, sponsors and affiliates - only one word - WOW! :-). And if you are interested in - Magic with hook and needles is participating too. 5 winners will choose 3 patterns from my colorful world :-D. So good luck, my dears ♥

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