By Vendulka - August 22, 2016

Hi my dears,

this year, I decided to grow some decorative pumpkins. For first time in my life. So I plant the seeds and I literally sang to my small plants :-) And imagined, the sunny autumn - window boxes on our window with colorful heather and there my small pumpkins decorating it. And the reality is - that I have wonderful pumpkin plants, with many blossoms aaaaand 3 pieces of pumpkins :-). One of them was destroyed by starling, living in our Catalpa tree at our garden - so two pieces left. One of them is about 4 cm tall, and stopped grown 3 weeks ago and the last one - my beauty - is still growing :-) I am very happy about it! But the dream about my autumn decoration was disappeared :-) Do you remember my free pumpkin pattern? This year I tried something new. I knitted some. Yeees, you read good, I remove the dust off my needles. My hooks were jealous a little bit, but I calmed them down immediately, because made new owlie purse and some new autumn darling decoration. I love them! I can't wait to share them with you :-)

So here are my knitted pumpkins. I made some for friend of mine as a present.

And I made some another to my Etsy shop also. They are ready to ship :-)

Thank you for reading, my dears :-) I wish you a perfect day!


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2 komentářů

  1. These pumpinks are sooo cute! Started making some too. We havn't got much of a summer and I'm certainly not longing for the gloomy and misty autumn days, but I simply couldn't help it...
    Have a creative week,


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