Birthday girl

By Vendulka - August 16, 2016

Hi my dears,
do you know what? The time is running sooooo fast. My little girl celebrated her 9th Birthday . I can't belive it. She loves My little ponies, and she wished a cake with a pony. And all month I pumped her: "What pony from all do you love most? " And everytime she said someone else :-) So I took all my courage and make 6 main ponies from My little pony group and made a cake :-)  She was so happy, when she saw it. And I was so happy too. And I found new recipe for cake base, my previous was great to but this one - I have only one word - delicious! :-) And of course our favorite raspberries inside :-)

So my love, I wish you strong health and positive energy around you. Stay happy! 
We love you so much ♥ 


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17 komentářů

  1. Congratulations with the birthday of your daughter. Wow, her birthday cake with the sweet pony's is super.

    Dear greetings, Margaret

    1. Dear Margaret, thank you very much :-) She is getting big girl, but you know, she is still my tiny baby in my eyes ♥

  2. That is the most beautiful cake I've ever seen! You are so talented. Happy Birthday to your daughter and they do grow up so fast!

    1. Thank you very much Sylvia :-) Well, it was really challenging - I am not any skillful pastry-cook. I made it about 20 hours, but you know, who count it :-) She was really happy! and me too ♥

  3. Wow, it's wonderful cake! Vendulka, you are awesome mom!

  4. Wauw, what a great cake, I realy love it! Happy birthday to your doughter!!

  5. Dear Margaret, thank you very much :-) She is getting big girl, but you know,. . .
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