By Vendulka - February 06, 2016

Hi my dears,
I guess, that my Egon - friendly monster, would like to say: Hi to you :-)


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8 komentářů

  1. He looks super I love him, and those eyes and colour are perfect.
    Julie x

  2. Hi to you and to Egon. He is cute.

  3. Opět úžasná práce. Vendulko jsi háčkovací královna.

  4. I love this little fella he made me smile on a cold wet morning

  5. Thank you sooooo much for all your lovely comments! :-) I will tell to egon your wishes ♥

  6. Egon targarion was the son of khalesi as refer to the novel. Oh sorry I am mistaken I think he is the brother of the khalesi or I guess that she the khalesi is the sister of egon targarian and the lord of the north was the son of the egon.


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