OK, I am broken

By Vendulka - January 25, 2016

Hi my dears, 
I am so glad you like work. I am really honoured! But PLEASE - don't share my paid patterns for free. Don't you think, that I am not seeing it? And what do you think, I am feeling? On one side - you wrote me, like you like my work and on the other side you stab me in the back. So what - that all were the words only? I am a real human, it breaks my heart and it takes me away all joy of writing a patterns and share the good spirit and inspiration for you... If you would like to translate my free patterns - please write me, we could cooperate. If you would like to translated my paid patterns - write me again - we could cooperate again. Don't force me to report you. I don't wanna do it! I don't want to fill my heart with anger and frustration. I just wanted to make the world a little bit nicer place... PLEASE DON'T STEAL my work. It is not only my work, you are taking with.. I don't talk about the infringe of copyright - even I could, but I am talking about respect to another human. It breaks my heart.

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  1. Don't be so sad. Sorry my english is very bad. I love your blog and like your fotos very much. I heard about stolen patterns on other sides every day. Mayby no one had stolen your pattern, some people are very good in crochet from fotos without pattern. You can not stop this. Be happy with all the people wich buy your pattern and make such nice things you make. I have closed my blog a long time ago, because ugly people wrote comments wich hurt me very much. Now i have a new one. My husband told me, not to cry about this people.

    1. Hi Violetta, thank you so much for your message and support. Well - I don't speak about copying of my design, even I could. Every average crocheter could make something from picture. Don't you think, that crochet designers can not make something from another designer? They DO! It is easy like a piece of cake. But we are not doing it (so at least those polite :-) Because we have a respect to someones ideas and work.

      Now I am speaking about my files, some translated, some originally mine, people opens their shops with my patterns, with my work! I can not close my eyes before it anymore. I am trying so hard, believe me. But it hurts me so much. Because I realized, that these are my customers, who do this.

      But otherwise - I am so grateful for all honest and true fans and customers of my work. Because of them, I didn't finish yet. I love my work. I think, that is my mission - to share positive energy, share the light! I know, that many people opened their own shops, and they sell the projects based on my designs and it helps them to get some income and success from work, they love. And I am VERY HAPPY and PROUD, that I could help them!

      But sharing my files? That is totally another song.
      Your husband is right! :-)

    2. Now i understand you. I am very sad about that. But you are right, so many people love your pretty things and so many people are happy with a present made of your patterns. Please don' t give up! Make the thongs you love and be happy with it. Bad people get what they deserve. I love your blog and all the dolls you make ! We have wonderful men by our side. God bless you!

    3. Thank you very much Violetta, for your words of support :-) It really helps me. Thank you again! ... :-)

  2. I can understand that you are feeling sad and angry knowing that other sharing and selling your pattern. Patterns you designed, made and wrote down in patterns. I know all the effort, time and materials this cost for a designer.
    I have only made a few patterns and only sell three of them. I saw my free patterns in webshops of others. Someone was sharing for free my the three patterns that I am selling.
    Shame on all those people who are doing this. And their is so little we can do about it.

    I love all your patterns and I bought several of them only for myself.
    Hopefully your post is helping to scare these bad people and do them change their attitudes.

    Deer greetings and big hugs, Margaret

    1. Hi Margaret,
      oh, it happened to you too? I am so sorry! It is really frustrating.

      Yes, it is a lot of work behind this colorful world... don't you think? :-) But I still love it. I am very glad, you like my work and my patterns. You know, it is really difference how I was writting my patterns 5 years ago and now. I am still improving it, working hard, trying to people will be really satisfied, but it isn't always easy...

      I don't know, what the people, I wrote the post for, will take from it. I just needed to write it! I really would wish, to they think about itfor a little while .To look inside their conscience. But who knows...:-)

      Send you many greetings :-)

  3. I hope this post will open the eyes of people! And I hope you will find enough courage to go on! A lot of people find joy in your work, don't let those few people take that away from you!
    Big hug, Monique

    1. Dear Monique, I hope in it too - but who knows? I am trying to erase it from my mind ,but I am closing my eyes before it quite long time, I guess. Thank you so much for your words full of support. I will try! :-)
      Kind regards :-)

  4. I'm so sorry someone has done this to you <3 I've totally been there. Your work is so beautiful and unique. How dare someone steal from you!

    1. Hi Sara, thank you very much for your message. Thank you very much you have beeing with me ♥

  5. Dear Julie,
    thank you very much for your message. I am so sorry you too! Now, they didn't see it... It is like Don Quichote fight with windmills. I guess, he failed :-(

    One lady wrote me some time ago, that my work is like the butterflies, flying through all internet. And I always rememeber it. It was so nice :-). I am thankful very much, I found my own style. And it is not easy - to make something new, in the world, that everything was made already.

    Thank you very much, you wrote! :-)
    I send you many greetings!

  6. Dear Vendulka,
    This is so sad. And so disrespectful! I have no words. Unfortunately it happens all the time. And I don't get it. Buying your patterns allows us to enjoy and embrace your lovely designs. Steeling might in the end make you not want to share all your work with us, and that would just be sad :-( I start every day looking into your blog. I have seen all the things many times, but it makes me so happy!
    I am sure that most people buy your patterns and are glad to do so. Please don't let disrepectful people take away the enjoyment of creating beautiful crocheting. There are lots of bad people out there, but even more good ones!
    Wish you a great day (night? Day just started in Norway....)!
    Lots of hugs sent your way!

  7. I am so sad to hear that this has happened to you too. Sad, but not surprised! I don't know what could stop people from stealing patterns and designs, but am hoping for ways for the web browsers to block sites and users that do. Until then, find joy that most people are honest paying customers and that your work is unique and outstanding!

  8. I'm so sad to read this because I know exactly what you are feeling.
    It gives you a helpless feeling because you can't do anything about it.
    Since a few years I desingn also patterns and it is so sad that you can download the patterns for free on several groups and sites. Shame on those people!
    I'm glad that there are so many honest and sweet people who are buying the patterns otherwise I lost the fun in designing long ago.

    I love your patterns, keep on the good work Vendulka!

    Sweet regards,

  9. Ouch!! I know how that feels! My photos were stolen a lot of times and someone even sold prints on Etsy with my photos on them. I wrote to Etsy staff to report them but they did not solve my problem. This is why I don't like Etsy that much, altough I am thinking to open a store there...

    I hope things will turn out OK. You should definitely report them and fight for your rights. I am one of your customers, I bought 3 patterns from you already and I could never share or resell them!!


  10. Ahoj Vendulko, moc mi to mrzí. Lidé jsou různí, a nedokáží ocenit práci jiných. Nepochopí, že večer sedíš a zkoušíš jak to uháčkovat aby jsi byla spokojená. Vždy říkám, když se mi návod líbí tak si ho musím koupit abych ocenila tvojí práci. Prosím drž se, je pořád hodně a hodně lidí co tě obdivuje. Iveta

  11. I hope people will respect you and your work.

  12. I am so sorry. I find your work beautiful and unique. I am sure it is the reflection of a beautiful soul.
    Please, please people RESPECT other people's work. Actually writing down patterns is A LOT of work. Which is why I have never done it yet... I respect all designers.
    Love from France. <3

  13. Dear Vendulka, So sorry to read this also happening to you. I am glad most people contact first. I write my own (free) designes. But even for them I want to give permission. But I know a lot on the internet is going behind closed doors / groups. I am not on facebook, but I hear a lot about it. That is why I do not want to be in that kind of groups.
    I hope those people read your messag are going to feel sorry and stop this kind of miss use.... I will tell you a little story. It was great. I bought a design of an other designer. It was so great, I bought it two times. One for myself and one for my friend. The designer was so pleased.... that even the payment was not on her bank yet, she send me my pattern already. Nobody did that before, buying it two times. Yes it was easy to get the design from my friend. But it is not fair. You do not share the sweater you like, you also buy two.... so it must stop now!
    Please, keep on designing... and sharing... I love your patterns...

  14. I'm so sorry for you!! I showed the little owl, some time ago at my blog. And people cheeky asked me to send the patten to them. I never heard from them before, and never after that time.
    Greetings from Marijke

  15. I'm really sorry!!! It's awful!! I have the same problem with my patterns:(
    Take care 😘
    I LOVE your work!!! Hug Marta.


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