Crazy rainbow bag

By Vendulka - October 28, 2014

Ta daaaaah !
I proudly announce, that Crazy rainbow bag pattern is finished, tested and ready for you :-)

Crazy rainbow bag pattern

I know, I was ambled a little bit - I am sorry. Belive me, it was not on purpose. Do you know this joke? : " Would you like to entertain God? Tell him about your plans " And this is all my life - my plans never work. But finally - the pattern is ready! Thank you very much for your patience.

When I designed this colorful rainbow bag - in Spring 2012 - yes - it is really so long, I was suprised too, how the time goes fast! ...

Crazy rainbow bag

So back to my speach - I just crocheted it without thinking about stitches, listened only my feelings. I am very happy you like this design. But you know, writting a pattern is completely different thing. I was unsure if I could make it once again - but this time - with counting every stitch, with the sure, that I could write in that way, that anybody could make it. I was thinking about the material I will use. To you could find and use it too. I still changed it, because I wasn't satisfied with the result. It drawed me crazy! But finally I found new material, which is available worlwild, and I hope, you will like it. I changed the design a little bit too. I made a new Crazy rainbow bag for my beautiful sister :-).

And this one - this is my own :-)  Different material and little bit different design too... I made so many version :-D

Oh, I almost forget - I wrote also new free tutorial: How I sew the lining in my crocheted bags. Maybe you will find it usefull :-) ?

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8 komentářů

  1. Soo beautiful,I love it

  2. How clever, how bright, how colourful and how wonderful. Thank you for your perseverence. It is beautiful.

    1. Thank you very much Selma. I am very glad you like it :-)

  3. Очень красивая, яркая сумка.

  4. You are so clever and the colours are amazing, beautiful x

  5. This is so pretty! I LOVE it!! I wish I could purchase the pattern online, but I live in the mid-east and one if the perks! coming with it is being cut off from the rest of the world! Anyhow, beautiful work and I wish you many rainbow-y days! :-):-)


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