My new autumn collection

By Vendulka - November 02, 2014

Hi my dears,
OK, it is time to admit that the Autumn is in full swing, but I have still the Spring in my mind. And accordingly that looks my New Autumn Collection 2014 - butterflies, flowers and colors in the main role :-) Ooooh, I am still going by different way, that the others. I know, that Autumn colors looks completely different - but I can't use them, not now - maybe next Autumn? I just need to brighten up that grey days, I really need to see all that colors around me! :-)

So, here it is:
Autumn collection 2014 by Vendula Maderska
" Somewhere over the rainbow "

Crochet flower's hat pattern

Crochet butterfly hat pattern

Crochet rainbow bag

Crochet rainbow bag pattern

flower crochet hat pattern

Do you like my new collection?

 I wish you wonderful Autumn days ! 
Oh - I almost forget - here it is something beautiful to listening ...

P.S.: OK - one Autumn picture :-) This realy huuuuuge mushrom found friend of mine, when we were together on the trip at the mountains at Tuesday. I found only some small one with many holes :-) but I was so excited as I found this big mushroom myself :-) I never saw this huge mushroom.


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12 komentářů

  1. Replies
    1. Thank you very much Lindy. I am glad you like it :-)

  2. Yes I do love your collection everything is just perfect.. :)

  3. Lovely bag is the pattern ready please

    1. Thank you :-) Yes, the pattern is ready in my patterns store

  4. Wow these are gorgeous!! And so lovely and bright! Well done, J9 x

    1. Thank you very much, Janine :-) Yes, I just need all that colors.

  5. The hat with the butterfly isn't in your store?


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