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By Vendulka - September 29, 2014

Two weeks ago, I get wonderful message from Janice H.K.  But I had very busy crazy days, and I didn't answered... I was thinking about it all the time... And today I had a minute a tryied answer. But unfourtunatelly the e-mail still returned to me, like the e-mail adress didn't exist. But I really need you to know, Janice, that I answered. That your message brighted my day :-)


My private message to Janice H. K.:

Hi Janice,
please accept my apologies for delay with my response. I am lost in my e-mails, I guess ...

Thank you very much for your wonderful message. I was really moved, when I read it. I am so glad you like my work :-)

I am so happy, that even I can not speak English very well, you understand me. Sometimes, I just need to tell something about my creations. Trying to write it most understandable I can.

You know, the life isn't always funny and colorful and sometimes - there is only black and gray around... But the hope and the will to change something is that, what makes our lives more colorful and gives new power. And my work is all about it - be positive, raise the head, when the life isn't easy, work hard and believe that the world is colorful and nice place (although all bad things what happening around). I am just trying to give some light and make something what bright our days :-)

Thank you very much for your words again. They warmed my heart :-)

With warm greetings,


Sometimes, my dears, you wrote me so wonderful letters, messages, comments.... Thank you very much for all that words. I just need you to know, that even I didn't reply to all of you (because it isn't in my forces) - your words stay inside of me and give the sense of my work 

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