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By Vendulka - September 01, 2014

Ok, the summer holiday ends today definitely. This summer passed sooooooo quickly. My little girl is schoolgirl now and I was moved and happy, when I was seeing her sitting at school desk! She looked sooo happy there! We enjoyed wonderful day together :-)

I wish you and your miracles succesfull new school year  :-)!

Crochet heart pattern

And what was your first school day? Did you enjoyed it? Except these pleasant mommy's duties I worked also. I am working on autumn collection very intensively and after long time, I took the needles in my hands and tested new material. I am very satisfied with this new material and I am really impatient to tell you all about it :-) Until then just one easy and quick project, which I really like - crocheted heart :-) Especially this one I made for my dear friend Petra :-) I wrote the pattern of this heart also, you could find it here.

I wish you wonderful week!

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6 komentářů

  1. Krásné....věřím, že jste jím, Vendulko, potěšila.. Hezký den, Štěpka

  2. What a beautiful heart! And yes, school has started here too...
    Have to get used to it again, because we had a lovely holiday...
    Love from Mirjam.

  3. Я из России, очень нравится Ваш блог. Я желаю Вам творческих успехов и вдохновения.

  4. Hi Girls, thank you very much for your nice comments :) I send you many greetings, Vendulka

    1. Hello Vendulka do you have a pattern for the crochet cardigan with owl and mushroom appliques that I can purchase for a 2yr old please. I have checked all your websites and cannot locate the pattern to purchase.

      Thanking You


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