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By Vendulka - July 01, 2013

Hi there,
I have some news for you. This time it will be no new design (maybe one or two at the end of this post) ....... How many people skip all text and looking at the end of this post right now? hmmmmmm :-) .....  Give me a minute from your time, please :-) I made some changes..

  • For better arrangement I joined my old official website and blog in one - and I have to tell you, that I really like Blogger. Because it is more confortable for reading and comment, I am in closest connection with you than on my old website and this is very important for me :-) So this blog: is from now my new official web presentation and you are heartily welcomed here :-) My old website was deleted and became only a guidepost.
Please don´t be sad, because:
  • You are still on website Magic with hook and needles but only in new "coat" 
  • My free patterns and tutorials - are still available to download and you could find them HERE. Enjoy them :-)
  • I will still try to post the pictures for inspiration or just for better mood, some moments from my life time to time  
  • There is also the photogallery of your work - I am looking forward to find your wonderful pictures in my e-mail again:-)
  • If you are new in the blogging (I feel like a beginner in blogging also) here you could find the explanation of the icons you could see on my blog. With the help of this great blog I knew something about very usefull tools for the bloggers and I feel like a IT expert  - haha 
On the right side of the screen you could see the icons for following me :-) By click on the each icon you will be linked on my social site. I will be very happy if you will join to me.

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......  thank you very much that you read this post until the end. I really like to writting this blog - it is like my personal Candy shop :-) and I hope, you will like it too.

Magic with hook and needles

P.S. : Are you curious of my new design ?  It will coming soon ...

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4 komentářů

  1. Can't wait to see your new pattern :-)

    1. Oh thank you!:-) It takse me a lot of time to amke something new, but I think that this summer will be in "Bag's summer!" :-)

  2. Thank you for your link to 'code it pretty' it was very helpful.
    And I love the things you make.

    1. You are welcome :-) It is my favorite blog too!


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