Tea time

By Vendulka - July 11, 2013

Would you like to take a cup of tea with me my dear girl?

Crochet teapot pattern

Crochet teapot pattern

As you know from some of my older post, I love the linden smell in the air :-) One of the other reason of my fascination of linden is my beloved grandmother. She made best linden tea I have ever drank :-) We sit opposite to each other, drank this tea and talked about everything... She coddled me... She left us one sunny July few years ago. She was an amazing women - I miss her smile, her kindness, her calm, her wisdom so much. She was an excellent piano player - soloist in the national theather. She was the real lady from old times - fragile outside but strong inside. I am just listening this great piece of Frederic Chopin while I am writting this post, remembering of this wonderful women.

                                     ... In memory of my beloved grandmother Stepanka

Crochet teapot coaster

If you would like to crochet this cute coaster for your mother or grandmother,
  here you could find the pattern :-)

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14 komentářů

  1. Wow! They are so beautiful. I'm sure your grandmother smiles in heaven by seeing them.

    1. oh, thank you, Viviane :-)..
      I hope - that yes. I belive that she is still watching over me, hoping, she would be proud on me.. She was so kind and amazing women :-)

  2. Oh wow, I love your tea coasters but everything you make is beautiful.

    Have a nice weekend,
    Groetjes, Monique

  3. Very cute and so a beautiful creation again !
    Vendulka I'm sure your grandmother is watching over you :)

  4. How sweet! I just love your colorful creations!

  5. ola tudo bem!!!
    Gostei do blog..
    abraço Leila.

  6. Oh....they are so sweet! I've allready make them. Realy love your work!


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