The time of linden in the blossom

By Vendulka - June 29, 2013

I really like the smell of the linden in blossom. I was born in that time - of smell of summer time in our small but beautiful country :-)  

Thank you very much for your nice wishes to my Birthday I get yesterday:-) I am sooo moved about that, so many wishes from many people from different countries of the world. Oh - it is amazing! Thank you again :-)

My Birthday's cake :-) made by friend of mine Sarka. It is delicious. Huge compliments, my dear :-)

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5 komentářů

  1. *shame on me* I am to late, I still wish you a happy birthday :)

    1. Oh - it is OK :-) and so nice everytime:-) Thank you very much, my dear !:-)

  2. Happy Birthday Vendulka !
    The cake from your friend looks delicious !
    Have a nice sunday .. :)

  3. To late ... but Happy Birthday from Amsterdam - the Netherlands :-)

  4. Oh - never it is too late. I am happy for your wishes, girls :-) Thank you! Have a nice day :-)


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