Holiday :-)

June 28, 2013

Today are Summer holiday beginning :-) I hope that we spent nice summer time with our girls :-) Two months without kindergarten and best teachers of Natalka had have met :-) They names are: Jana a Maruška. 

I made for them these cute mushroom coasters for a joy :-). Are you wondering why the mushrooms?  Because their class room named Mushroom :-) I wish you nice holiday too! :-)  

crochet coaster pattern

crochet coaster pattern

crochet coaster pattern

The pattern for making these mushroom coaster is here :-)

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9 komentářů

  1. Lovely mushroom coasters.
    Happy Hollidays :)

  2. Have a nice holiday!!!!!!

    Love the mushrooms :-)

  3. Cute!!!!!!! Do you also sell the pattern? It's so lovely.....

  4. really adorable.
    I love your patterns so much that I am making a pay pall account ;)

    happy hollidays

  5. Thank you very much girls :-) I am happy you like them. I am working on others - surrounded by colors right now - it will be a circus again :-) Have a nice day !


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