It is almost here

By Vendulka - April 29, 2023

Hi, my dears,

it is almost here. The May. ♥ One of my favorite months. In our country, May is called the month of love. There I a tradition, that lovers kiss under the cherry tree in blossom, so that their love will last another year again. What a lovely tradition, isn't it?

I like May for other reasons too. One of them is the fact that my younger fairy was born this month. ♥
My lovely forest is starting to come to life.

Another reason could be that my favorite Instagram challenge called #amigurumay, invented by Ilaria from Airali design, is starting. Yes. :-) What's the point? Every day post some pictures, reel, or story on the topic of this funny challenge according to amigurumi on your Instagram with hashtag #Amigurumay. What is most important about this challenge? Fun! :-)
Amigurumay challenge by Airali design

Amigurumay challenge by Airali design

So I am gonna prepare my hooks and yarn and this year, I wouldn't want to miss a day of this awesome challenge and I am really looking forward to it. Have fun with me, my dears! And remember, May is the month of love, so show your love to each other. ♥


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