Fresh air

By Vendulka - March 29, 2023

Hi, my dears,

so here it is. A Spring. I still love this time of the year so much. I am working on some changes as I wrote in my previous post. So this Spring will be like fresh air for me.

I am sorting photos on your phone and I noticed, that I didn't share with you some of the bright moments of my crocheting. How could this have happened? So here are some of them. :-)

My owls in a special edition about crocheting at Kreativ magazine in 2022

crochet owl applique

Find the pattern HERE.

VendulkaM crocheting at creative magazine

Shots from my crocheting in National Broadcast Czech Television in 2021

VendulkaM crocheting in National broadcast

VendulkaM crocheting in National broadcast

Quick picture from my interview with Fajne klubka in 2020 
about my crocheting, plans, patterns, and much more.

VendulkaM interview about crocheting

So this spring I am cleaning the house into the deep. Before I read some books about cleaning, of course. :-) You know me, I'm the studious type. These two I can highly recommend. The gentle art of Swedish death cleaning by Margareta Magnusson. It is not sad, don't worry :-)

book about cleaning

Real Life Organizing by Cassandra Aarssen. Cassandra has also a great blog with tips, podcasts, and advice on how to keep your house clean and don't get crazy about it. 
And do you know what? It works! My happy dancing :-)

Book about cleaning

I am learning to write my notes and tasks better, and I'm learning to work better and more efficiently with my time. Of course, with the help of the book. :-) The holy grail of personal productivity and time management. Do you know this system? I am pretty sure you do. But in the case that there is someone like me, so here it is The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll. OK, my journal is not as pretty as what I saw on the internet, and some of the tips and inspiration are amazing. But first of all, I need to learn to keep myself more organized. But I am pretty sure I will also try some doodling there soon.

Book about productivity and timemanagement

Do you remember my last post, I wrote about my new word for this year. And it is a change. Today I read a very clever quote, sadly I don't know the author. Anyway, this is it:

Choice. Chance. Change.

You must make the choice,

to take the chance

if you want anything in life to change

This really hit me. And with this wisdom, I will end today Take care, my dears. 


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