Not only pumpkins in the main role

By Vendulka - September 06, 2020

Today I would like to share with you one story.

Last time I get 3-stars review of one of my customers, that she like my Patchwork pumpkin pattern, but it seems, that making the pumpkin will be time-consuming. She wrote it before she tried it :-). First of all, I felt really bad, that I disappointed someone's expectation about my pattern. And started to feel guilty and I looked at one of my most beloved designs skeptically. I think that the lady didn't want to hurt me. She just wrote her opinion, and it is OK. 

But there was another lesson for me to learn.

At that time, I was working on some winter decoration, and when I made it, I still was thinking about that review. And I adjusted my creation to be easier to make, different. And the result was......that my work ended in the trash. Not only so many hours ended in the trash but also the faith in my work. I didn't believe in this creation. It was nice but without the "soul", better say without "my soul". I made to fulfill someone's expectation, and the funniest thing about it is, that nobody wanted it from me. I just didn't want to feel guilty again...

And I realized sad is to get to know, how easy is for me to get out from my way, only to not feel guilty to fulfill someone's expectation.

Crochet patchwork pumpkin by VendulkaM

So, do you know what? Yes, making my colorful, patchwork, embellished crazy pumpkin is time-consuming. AND I REALLY LOVE THAT! I love to spend every single moment crocheting it. If you would like to make it with me, please set aside time for it and enjoy it as much as I do. ♥ And believe in yourself.

Crochet patchwork pumpkin in process

It worth it, I promise. 

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6 komentářů

  1. So great to see you back here blogging!! I have missed your delightful creations. Absolutely love these pumpkins and these colours that jump out at me saying.....make me LOL! IMO I don't think you should try to adapt your creations to please others.....if you do will they still be Vendulka? Will they have the Vendulka touch? keep well Amanda x

  2. Your pumkins are gorgeous. Last year I made them. But I see you designed also a apple. So I can crochet them this year.

    Have a great day, Margaret

  3. I only crocheted one of your designs - the blue fish. I remember it was quick and easy.

  4. I did read your text several times to be sure i did understand it.
    Really moaning before that lady started? Why buy it. I did make some owls it took me time, but it was so great to see them in my hands. Don't feel guilty or sad. Everybody has the right to his or her own opninion. Everyone who takes a good look at your work knows it will take time, that is why it is a hobby, you take your time for it. I love the happy colors you are using for your creations! Bravo!

  5. i cant see a there one? its beautiful x


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