Wow, I did it!

By Vendulka - April 18, 2020

Hi, my dears,
today I would like to share with you a short story about the girl, who was in the author's block. Yes, it was me :-)

Amigurumi koala - crochet pattern

It was a really long time since I shared some of my patterns. I don't know, what happened to me, but I can't finish any of my patterns. I was creating a lot, but I have really struggled to write up the pattern of my creation. I really would like to finish it, but I can't. So I doubted whether my work made sense at all. If I have anything to offer to others. If it's something special in mine creation. And I found a new job! Yes, I did. 

But I still felt that it was a mistake. I love my creating, I really love my small colorful world and I missed it so badly. 

So finally, after a year and a half maybe? I made a new creation and finished the pattern. WOW. And I know that it can sound stupid. But not for me. I posted it and it was such a relief for me. Now it is a week ago, I didn't promote it. My inner marketing specialist is yelling! But for me, it was more important, that I finished it and that I posted it.

Amigurumi koala - crochet pattern

I was thinking, why it was so hard for me to post something on social media, to finish and share some patterns. Even my inner marketing specialist needs exactly what I have to do and was yelling again. :-) And I think, that it is the comparison, competition, the desire for recognition and the pride - these are the things, which held me back. And when I wrote in the last post. I needed to find make my creation for me again. And my personal lesson for this period of my life is: "not to try to please everyone". Because every time I am doing it, not only with my creation but also in my personal life - it never ends well for me. And that formula is always the same. So, it seems that it is a long way in front of me. But what is most important, that I am in! 

So my dears, after a year and a half, you can find a new pattern from my small colorful world :-) Thank you from the deep of my heart, you are still with me...

Amigurumi koala by VendulkaM - crochet pattern

Always yours,

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