First post in 2020

By Vendulka - January 05, 2020

Hi, my dears, in a new year!

Yes, the new year already started and I am really full of question, what this one will be? I wish you, your 2020 will be extraordinary, unique, and successful. The year, you will close by good feelings about yourself.

Crochet sloth by VendulkaM

I personally choose the word - hope. Because I really hope that this one will be better. I am still not over of passing away of my honey princess, feeling still so sad inside. Even I know that it is a life circle and understand to all "reasonable" sentences. My heart doesn't hear it. I really would wish my life will calm, and faith will be returned. I lost it somewhere, and my soul really needs it back. 

Anyway, there is also one interesting thing. Do you remember my Instagram TOP 9, I shared with you on my social some days ago?

Crochet creations of Vendula Maderska

You commented it a lot - thank you for your love again ♥. There was one comment that made me think about it. And it was: "Where did you get your rainbow yarn?". Thank you for your question! And I realized that my rainbow colors disappeared somewhere when I take a closer look at the picture after that. And I thought about why it happened? Maybe it was because I was thinking about my new creations more than before, not listening to my heart, but the brain more. It was essential for me, to my patterns will be comfortable for others, more like otherwise taste, with less demand of colors and additional embellishment. And maybe it caused that I have lost somewhere. I thought about new creations so much, and the result was that I didn't finish either creation and pattern, also - the vicious circle.

I still love my rainbow world, and I have to learn to find the lightness of my creation without thinking about it so much. I need to find freedom in my crocheting again. So this one is one of my wishes for this year. 

So my dears, thank you for reading, for all your love and support in last year. Let's go to 2020 together with a hook or needles in your hands and also in mine.♥

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2 komentářů

  1. First time I am having a look on your site, it is all so colourfull and cute. Especially your rainbow dog, love it. The patchwork pear. They are on my list to buy this month hopefully. And you will find your colors and freedom in crochet again :)

  2. I absolutely love all your patterns. So many beautiful ones to choose from


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