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By Vendulka - December 23, 2019

Hi, my dears,

So the advent time is here. It should be a time of clam down, contemplation, and preparing for Christmas. Well, to be honest, it didn't look like and calm advent time in our home. I am so busy with my job, or let's better say jobs, but you know. The work helps me right now because when I am working, I can not be so sad and paralyzed because of my honey girl. I still miss her so much, with every piece of my soul. Sooooo my hook is on fire, but I am not working on nothing new - I am finally finishing my WIP's projects, yes! Because I have so many projects in the drawer. The battle with procrastination! I will not let it to January, I have already started yet. So, the first of my WIP's is something quick and easy for our kitchen table.

Crochet placemats - free crochet pattern by VendulkaM

Yes, I am talking about these placemats. These could be a great and quick present for your beloved ones or for yourself. Just before Christmas, I added a holly flower brooch. It is a brooch, so I will easily remove it after Christmas, and I will get a casual and pure design for our kitchen table.

Would you like to crochet them too? You can start right now! 
I have already written a pattern for you. 
Yeah, Chrismas is here!

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